Vampire Diaries: New Episode, New Loves, New Drama

Okay first off, let me just say that the last few episodes, I became a little distracted and pulled away from what was my crack during the time. So, I don't truly know what happened between Elena and Stefan to tick her off (anybody out there know??? Comment this post to tell me, thanks ^_^), so I was kind of confused the first few minutes.
But, it was a really great introduction to the new episode, it was chained with new situations for everybody and added some new and mysterious characters.
First things first, what EVERYONE is talking about is Elena and Damon's new relationship. Of course we are all waiting patiently (hint, hint to CW) for the love triangle to start but I guess that is the keyword: PATIENT! Anyways, as I watched the episode, I couldn't help but want to really know why Damon brought Elena with him, other than the whole tomb thing. Is it because he wants the "original" girl, Katherine, back? Or, is it because he's starting to fall for Elena. (Because he has a very strange way of showing it.) So, I guess we all just have to wait patiently and painfully until that picks up.
(Jeremy and Anna in the library)
Everyone's new drama is very...well, suited for them. Stefan and Bonnie still have struggles between one another (I don't know what happened there either.). The whole witch and vampire thing was very good, including with Grams (P.S. loved her!). Jeremy falls for a new girl, Anna, she is home-schooled and very likable. I most likely will like her because of her innocent look and great personality but I have a very strong feeling that something will heat up between the two or Jeremy will have to save Anna in some way because she was snooping around too much.
The new character is Alaric (a vampire slayer?), looks very normal but has a cute demenor to him. In this episode, he flashes back to happier moments with his wife but it is also the same day he sees her being turned into a vampire by none other than....DAMON! So, of course, there will be a fight coming and I can't wait to see what happens between the two.
The conclusion was very good, they left off with little cliffhangers that will definitely have me watching next week (trying to go back in the game of watching my Vamp shows: True Blood and Vampire Diaries). Well, after Elena saves Damon from another vampire that wants to kill him for killing his girlfriend, Damon goes back to his former lover, Bree, who is a witch and called the killer vampire and kills her by ripping out her heart. Elena and Damon leave Atlanta and Damon comments to Elena that "you're not the worst company in the world, Elena." Elena confronts Stefan when they get home about why she looks like Katherine. He countersback by saying that what he found out was (SPOLIERS AHEAD!!!) she was adopted.
That was it!
I LOVED IT! I'll be constantly updating what's going on from episode to episode and give my feedback and comment to tell me your's as well, I do look at every comment. Or if you want to do it quickly, you can go over to the CBox on the sidebar and comment, I'm 99.99% positive I will comment back. You can click the icon of Vampire Diaries on the sidebar along with other books, movies, TV shows I will regularly be reviewing on.

UPDATE: My amazing friend Nejjie gave me the lowdown in the comments, thanks girl!
Her synopsis:
Hey, here is what I got from the show:

Elena and Stefan get together like Edward & Bella do in Breaking Dawn, lol and when he goes to get her something to drink, she finds a picture of Katherine. Freaked out that they look identical, she storms out very upset.
As she drives (speeds) in her car and cries, she sees someone standing in the road and hits him. Her car flips over and she sees the man star to get up. In the process- he is unbreaking his bones and makes his way towards Elena. He is so close that he could touch her but then Damon comes into the picture! & the mysterious dude flees. He is either another vamp or another crazy mythical creature (werewolf?)
Damon helps Elena out of the car, the way he looks at her - you can see how he would never hurt her because she looks so much like his beloved Katherine (the love of his life) Elena is bleeding, he looks at her lip which is bleeding and she speaks "I look like her" and she passes out. The look Damon gives her is that he is concerned and he responds, "What are you talking about?" But she is already passed completely out.
The next scene you see Elena in a car- she wakes up and sees that she is with Damon. He tells her they are in Georgia. She freaks out and tells him to pull over. He does and she begins to get out. She starts to have a hard time because she is in pain and he runs over in a flash and helps her. This catches Elena off guard and you can tell that Damon has a soft spot for Elena because of her resemblance to Katherine.

Elena's phone begins to ring which turns out to be in Damons pocket. Its Stefan calling who is very concerned about Elena and even more worried that she is with Damon. Elena won't talk to Stefan because she is still upset. So her & Damon go off to visit someone in Georgia that Damon insists on doing. They go to a bar to visit a witch he has none for a sometime. They seem friendly but after drinking and having a good time- her real intentions are shown when she calls Lexie 's(Stefans best vamp friend that Damon staked) BOYFRIEND- who is a vampire himself! He kidnaps Elena as bait to get Stefan outside of the bar- where he beats the hell out of Damon & is about to light him on fire. Elena pleads with him after she realizes that he was Lexie's True Love. He doesn't kill Damon out of respect for Lexie and he leaves!
Damon goes back to the bar and kills his witch friend for betraying him but she tells him that Lexie was her friend too and he killed her for no reason! But before he rips her heart out- she pleads for her life and tells him that he can open the underground church tomb where Katherine and other vamps are. All he needs is Emily's journals to find the spell and open the tomb.
On the ride home from Georgia- Damon tells Elena twice that she isn't bad company and they kinda bond! She reminds him that she saved his life and now it seems like he will be in the picture more with Elena. I dont think he will ever harm her since he is in debt to her now!

When Elena gets home, she goes to visit Stefan. Who tells her some shocking things because she doesn't want any secrets. He tells her that when he came back to Mystic Falls- he heard a crash and when he went to check it out- he saw a car submerged into the lake. He jumped in to help and it was Elena, her father and mother. When he saw Elena, she looked just like Katherine. That is why he stayed in Mystic Falls and look into Elena's background. Finding that she was clearly ADOPTED! So she is descendent of Katherines bloodline/family!
Next weeks episode we see that the person Elena hit is back to get her!
Now with the History Teacher Alaric- I don't believe he is a vampire! He must be a vampire slayer! He killed that crazy reporter turned vamp in the last epi before this one. I think him seeing his wife being eaten by Damon, he turned Vamp Slayer and he is out to kill all vamps and get his revenge on Damon! The ring, I'm not sure if that is a token of certain vamps he kills that have the power to come outside but in last nights episode, he was half in and out of his car in the sunshine without the ring on. So he clearly can't be a vamp because he was in no pain at all from the sun! But we will soon see.. I cant wait!! =)

I can't wait either, Nejjie, and thanks for the low down! And, please visit this girl's site, Run Away With Fate, amazingly awesome!
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