First Two Summer Reads 2010

Over last week, I focused on gettting some summer reading done. I finished two very, very good books, look below to see my full review over them!

Tall, awkward Amy feels unloved by her parents, who are too smitten with each other to pay her any attention. Along with her beautiful, fearless, and free-spirited friend Julia, Amy turns to drinking and casual sex to feel loved. After a devastating car crash leaves Julia dead and Amy only slightly injured, Amy goes into rehab. There, a therapist gives her a journal, which Amy uses to write letters to Julia, each dated with the number of days after Julia’s death. Amy recognizes the privileges of her upper-middle-class life, and both mocks and indulges her angst. Reminiscent of both John Green’s Looking for Alaska (2005) and Davida Wills Hurwin’s A Time for Dancing (1995), Scott examines the complex nature of friendship between teen girls and clearly delineates the fine line between the strong emotions of the title. More predictable than Green and less cathartic than Hurwin, Scott nevertheless offers a satisfying story of an engaging heroine successfully naming and confronting her demons. Amazon

Honestly, I don't read many books like these^^. Not because they're usually sad, because they aren't all the time, but because I'm usually more focused on werewolves and vampires. I took a chance on this book when I grabbed this book though. I didn't know how it would be or if it would be any good. I'm very happy to say that it's a great book. Scott did an amazing job highs and lows of being a friend who lost another friend. Amy is very well done, she is lost, lonely, funny, and hopeful. Amy has a very good level of grief, lonliness, and hatred towards her friend, Julia. I did like how the book was all in first-person, it went from Amy writing a letter to Julia to Amy's life right now. Even though she is not physically around, Julia does develop into a character you are able to do what Amy does: Love her, Hate her, or Miss her. Personally, I kind of hated her because of the stuff Amy went through after her death, but I did also love her for becoming Amy's friend and saving her from the friends that would be...not nice to her. :) I give this book a four out four black nail polishes because it was a fantastic book and ended on a good note.

How can Christy Marlowe—an impulsive, wise-cracking horoscope-junkie—be in love with Ben, a well-mannered college freshman who prefers astronomy over astrology?
Their fateful first meeting takes place at a plastic surgeon’s office, where both hope to erase painful memories along with unwanted tattoos. Is it a bad omen that Ben has the same name as Christy’s ex-boyfriend, a drug-pedaling punk in juvie for murder? It’s hard for Christy to care when Ben sends her heart "racing through galaxies of bliss." Just as Ben is worried about Christy’s obsessed ex who’s back on the streets, Christy is troubled by the sadness lurking in Ben’s ice-blue eyes.
Burying the past isn’t easy and this comedy of love turns upside down when Christy and Ben become ensnared in their own lies. Starcrossed or starmates, can they forgo Romeo and Juliet’s tragic fate and find their way back to truth and trust? Amazon

I am going to outright say...I LOVED THIS BOOK! I am an avid reader and any other avid reader knows the feeling after you read an amazing book, you want a sequel. Sadly, there isn't one for this book but I'm still glad I read this book! It is witty, dramatical, and astrological! And, yes, I mean astrological! This is truly another version of Romeo & Juliet, and also far from it! Christy and Ben are both problematic, I won't say what their problems consist of but they are very...perfect for one another! I loved the twist and turns to the story and how fast pace it was! I especially love Christy's and Ben's undeniable love for one another even though constant situations arise! I can't get over how awesome this book is, I recommend everyone read this book! You will love Christy and Ben and their natural love for one another! I give four out four nail polishes as well because of...well, it's perfect!

Peace and Fangs,
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