True Blood: Season 3, Episode 3--"It Hurts Me Too"

I'm so sorry I have not updated on True Blood earlier this week so I will just give a little short review.

Okay, so to anyone who watched this week's True Blood. What. The. Heck?, sex scene (If that is what you call it!) between Bill and his maker was absolutely the most shocking thing I've ever seen! Her head turned 180 degrees! For goodness sake, she was enjoying it too! That was too weird for me. (As well as the sex scene between Tara and the not so sexy Franklin. (Even his name isn't cute.) I had no clue what was going on or what his problem is but he is totally creeping me out! Sookie is given a werewolf, Alcide, by Eric to protect her. I would totally be happy if he was protecting me, if I'm going to be scared, might as well be scared and able to gaze at something sweet. I'm still lost at what's going on. I will probably read the series soon!
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