True Blood: Season 3, Episode 6--I Got a Right to Sing the Blues (And, review of Episode 5: Trouble)

I feel completely horrible. I have neglected it for four days. But, I have finished everything I needed to get finished last week: a fanfic trailer, summer course, etc. I'm here now though and I am going to make up for my absence.

I'll quickly review last week's episode of True Blood. Eric visits Russell, the King of Mississippi, and gets caught in a lie, he quickly confesses that if he doesn't bring Bill Compton back to Bon Temps, Pam will be killed. He tells Russell that Bill has been selling V, which is vampire blood that is for drug use. Franklin gives Russell a paper of Sookie's genealogy that Bill kept at his house to see where her powers originate. Meawhile, Franklin still keeps Tara in Russell's mansion and tells her that she will become his vampire bride. Alcide and Sookie visit Alcide's alpha where they tell him about what happened at the wolf bar and he tells them to both stay away from Russell and his werewolves. Bill leaves Russell's mansion and goes to Alcide's apartment where he tells Sookie she has to go but Russell arrives with his werewolves and Sookie protects herself with her powers. Eric finds that Russell was the one who killed his Viking family when he was human because of his father's crown that Russell has in possession. Lafayette finds an adorable guy named Jesus who helps Lafayette's mother who is in a mental hospital. Tommy starts to work at Merlotte's.Terry moves in with Arlene. And, Jason starts his job as a cop but quickly falls for a girl named Crystal who seems iffy to me.

Now on to "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues":
Russell captures Sookie and takes her and Bill back to his mansion. (Note: Bill still ain't right with me.) Bill kills one o the bodyguards and tries to kill Russell but is quickly defeated. Eric tells Russell that he doesn't "know what this thing is" when he talks about Sookie, telling Russell that she is valuable. Eric denies to help protect Sookie to Bill as he is being dragged away to be killed, Lorena later goes to Bill. Eric hurts Sookie when he tells her that she is not special to him at all. Jason finds out that Crystal has a fiance (I told you guys she was iffy to me!) and he is left hurt. Sam suspects that Tommy's parents are using him for dog fights, including when they take him without a word and Arlene tells Sam that she saw them putting a bull dog into their truck. Jesus quickly has a fall out with Lafayette once he finds out that he is a drug dealer. Eric accompanies Russell to see Sophie-Anne, the Queen of Louisiana. Russell forces her into a marriage proposal or else Eric would rip off her head and throw it into the pool. Eric changes his loyalty from Sophie-Anne to Russell. Tara and Sookie escape Russell's mansion during the day when most of the vampires are asleep and most of the werewolves are resting or messing around. Sookie tries to save Bill who has been severely tortured by Lorena, but Lorena attempts to kill Sookie.

Next week's episode, Hitting the Ground:
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