True Blood--Season 3, Episode 9: "Everything is Broken"

Ep. 33: Everything Is Broken - Recap

I'm baaack! Luckily! I will have all the posts I need to update on here today, so keep checking back here all day today to get some book and movie updates!

Right now, I will update on the two True Blood episodes I have missed these past two weeks! This one was two weeks ago, where we go back to Russell who comes upon Talbot', guts, I guess. He wants revenge with Eric even though Eric isn't even done with his revenge though. The vampire "police" let him deal with instead of them cutting in, I'm thinking that vampires strongly believe in revenge (Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc)'s everywhere!

Bill also finds out what Sookie is but we don't here what it is yet. He goes into the world that Sookie dreamed of because Sookie's blood still lingered in Bill. He discusses what she is with that one weird lady that keeps saying "you'll take away her light".

If you didn't see it in the recap, FRANKLIN'S STILL ALIVE?! What the....? I screamed when I saw him appear but strangely, I was a little happy. I think Tara and him could be a good couple if he didn't rape and abuse her and forced her to be his *Franklin accent* "vampire bride"! Luckily, Jason stepped into save Tara. Poor Franklin forgot Jason had wooden bullets up in that gun!

This episode wasn't action-packed but it wasn't disappointing either. I loved the ending with Russell, not because of his long speech but at the end when he turned to another camera and said "Now time for the weather, Tiffany?" HA-larious!

Peace and Fangs,
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