Eclipse in the Mailbox and I am Releaved!

Hi, all! I have recieved very terrific news the other day. Not many of you have noticed but I am a very paranoid and a woory wort. So, with that said, I was freaking out when I sent the Eclipse book to Paperback Writer and it didn't ge tthere at the time the woman said. Happily, I must say, the book got to her and she sent me a pic of it!

I am completely releaved the book got to her and the post office didn't let me down! Tis is what she had to say over at her site:

"I won the contest/giveaway from Black Nailed Reviews!  I am now a happy owner of a Hardback copy of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Very cool. Thanks so much for the book. I love the Black Nailed Reviews blog. If you haven't heard of it or visited it. You should! The book arrived right after I posted my rantings on: No... Scroggins you don't SPEAK."

Thank you, PW, I do love compliments! Please visit her site, it's filled with amazing reviews and clever comments on books!

Peace and Fangs,
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