True Blood--Season 3, Episode 12: "Evil Is Going On"

Hey! I know I am over a week late with this post but I'm determined to keep you guys up to date on all the weekly shows I feature on here. But here we go, let's all take a moment of silence for True Blood being off the air... Okay, that's enough. Let's get on to the season finale.

We are back to Russell and Eric who are smoking outside of Fangtasia like to overdone vampire hot dogs. Eric tells Russell this is his revenge to him because of what he did to his family. Russell taunts him saying that this is weak. Godric appears as an angel in front of Eric and tells him to forgive Russell because Eric shouldn't do that would happen. After being healed by Bill's blood, Sookie goes outside to save Eric from the sunlight, she throws Russell across the lot with her powers and takes Eric inside. She commands Bill to bite her so Eric can drink from her and be healed. Bill reluctantly does but watches Eric as he drinks from Sookie to make sure he doesn't over do it. After saving Eric, she goes back out to save the badly charred Russell but he is chained with a silver chain to the stripper pole.

Sam and Tara awake after their night together and he makes Tara breakfast. She comments that she didn't know that he could cook, he says it was because she always ran off before he woke up. Sam finally tells Tara that he is a shapeshifter, she is so overwhelmed, she tells Sam she wishes to reboot her whole life. Sam tells her she can if she just keeps moving. She does just that by cutting her hair, telling her mom she wants her to be happy, and looking at Merlotte's before driving out of Bon Temps.

Hoyt goes to work where he sees Summer, his mother, and his old guidance counselor from school waiting for him. They try to tell him their feelings on Jessica and how he should forget about her but Hoyt finally stands up for himself and tells the three of them that this is his life and he loves Jessica. Later on, he rents an apartment and shows it to Jessica, saying he wants to marry her, even if that means becoming an ordained minister. Later we see that Maxine, Hoyt's mother, is buying a gun.

We go to Jason who finds out that the DEA are going to do a bust at Hotshot where Crystal's family is. Andy tells him to not tip off te dealers but of course Jason grabs Crystal and tells the people in Hotshot. Crystal's father tells the others to destroy the V but Crystal's brother shows up and shoots his father to get to the V. Jason tries talking to him to get him to calm down and get off the V that he was strung out on at that moment. Felton orders Crystal to get into the truck, before she does, she tells Jason to take care of her people. He tells her that he will try to find her and turns to the people to start helping them.

Lafayette is still halluncinating from the V and calls Jesus to help him because he feels that he is going crazy like his mother. Jesus comes to Lafayetter and calms him down by telling him he is just more sensitive to magic. Jesus also reveals that he is a witch, Lafayette is actually fascinated by the news.

While Eric and the others sleep, Russell and Sookie are left in Fangtasia. Russell offers her anything to let him go but Sookie refuses because of what he's done. She soon finds out that Russell wanted Sookie's blood to resurrect his deceased lover, Talbot. She is disgustd by this and puts Talbot's remains down the garbage disposal. Alcide then comes back (and looks sexy as ever) to make a deal with Eric, if Eric pays off his family's debts, then Eric can bury Russell at one of Alcide's worksites.

Bill and Eric start to pour on cement on Russell to incase him. Godric tries to reason with Eric to think otherwise but Eric sticks to his plan to make sure Russell doesn't find peace in the afterlife. After Bill shakes hands with Eric, he slaps silver cuffs on him and pushes him into another cement case. He starts to pour cement on Eric and calls one of Eric's assassins to kill Pam.

Sam goes over to Tommy's to see how he is doing but only finds an opened refridgerator and a running facet. Once Sam sees this, he runs to Merlotte's and sees that Tommy also ramsacked his safe to. Sam takes a handgun and tries to find Tommy. He finds Tommy walking in the woods with his safe and tells him to give it back. Tommy is hurt because of being abandoned but still doesn't give the safe back, Sam then raises his gun and fires.

Bill goes to Sookie's to tell her he killed Eric and Russell, he vows that even though she might not love him anymore, he will kill every vampire that knows what she is so that she can be safe. Eric shows up on her porch covered in cement and tells Sookie that Bill was originally sent to Bon Temps because of the queen's orders to get Sookie and even had the Rattrays beat her almost to death so that he is able to give her his blood. She revokes his invitiation and shuts the door on both of them. Bill goes back to his house where the queen arrvies for Sookie, Bill turns on her and tries to attack her.

We leave off with Sookie running to her grandmother's grave for comfort. While thinking about what she should do, Claudine appears and tells her that she is not alone and should come with her. Sookie takes her hand and is transported to the faeries' world.

That was the season finale, people! A lot happened and a lot of cliff hangers that hopefully are straightened out in the next season. Some news on True Blood I found was that there could possibly be a True Blood movie. It is said to be a rumor but just keep your ears up for any incoming info! Plus, I particular think that this isn't a bad idea, there is a lot of plot lines that I think it would be better if there was a movie, even if it would only be on HBO. And, in sad news on True Blood, we have to wait until summer 2011 for the fourth season of TB. Hopefully, Vampire Diaries will keep us company until then!
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