Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 1: "The Return"

Here we are again, Vampire Diaries fans! The second season has finally premiered and I have done my absolute best in this post to exclude any sentences with "OMG", "AWWW", and "FREAKING HOT". (Also, leaving out any questions along the line as "WTF?" and "Did that really just happen?") So, let's recap the glory of what is the Vampire Diaries Season 2 opener.

We start off back in Elena's kitchen where her Uncle John is lying in his own blood because Katherine stabbed him. Elena takes the knife lying beside John and looks around to see whose there because of John's warnings to her to "look behind her". Unbenounced to her is the fact that Katherine is the stranger in her home. Katherine leaves before Elena sees her. She is then reminded of Jeremy, she rushes upstairs to make sure he's okay but sees he is not breathing. She shakes him and he wakes up with a jolt. Luckily, sexy (didn't say I would leave that word out) Jeremy woke up as healthy as he did before he downed the pills and the vial of Anna's blood she left with him before she died. He, of course, goes on to mope because of the lost of another girlfriend. Can I just say to Jeremy...look, you're hot. Maybe if you go for a human girl, it would work out a lot nicer, I'm always available! But, back to the plot...Uncle John turns out to be okay even though he was stabbed in the gut and had his fingers chopped off.

We then go to the hospital where Bonnie, Matt, Damon, and Sheriff Liz are at the hospital to check up and ehar news on how Caroline is doing after she was hurt from the car crash in the last season. Once Elena arrives at the hospital, Bonnie tells Elena what's going on with Caroline. Elena asks Bonnie if she can do a spell to heal Caroline, Bonnie tells Elena she does not possess that kind of power. Damon intervenes and offers his blood which has healing properties in it. While Elena is hesistant, Bonnie tells Damon to hurry and do it. After Bonnie leaves, Damon tells Elena that they need to talk about what happened earlier that night. Elena is confused about it, even after Damon tells her that they kissed. He gets upset when she won't admit that she remembers when they kissed. (Note: Damon kissed Katherine, not Elena.) After Elena says for the final time she doesn't know what he's talking about, it dawns on him who he kissed, saying, "You've got to be kidding me."
Stefan goes back to the Gilberts' house and comes across Katherine who is pretending to be Elena. When Stefan leans down to kiss her, he throws her across the room because he knows instantly it isn't Elena. Katherine smugly says "atleast I fooled one of you". Katherine slips away from the house before Damon and Elena come back. The three are confused what to do, since Katherine was invited in somehow, she can come and go as she pleases. Elena and Stefan decide to find out what Katherine is up to while Damon wants to just ignore the...well, you know. Damon tells Stefan that he kissed Katherine which he thought was really Elena. Stefan becomes instantly jealous and wants to fight Damon, Elena puts a stop to it because they have other things to tend to.

We skip to Mayor Lockwood's wake where his wife and the sheriff try to figure out why he was killed. Mason Lockwood shows up for the wake looking spiffy in nice clothes and a nice ride. Tyler and Mason exchange a quick conversation, it seems that Mason hasn't been around since Tyler was twelve I think. As the party goes on, Tyler mistakes Katherine as Elena and invites her into the Lockwoods' home.

The real Elena and Stefan are back at the hospital where they try to get some information out of John. John gives them nothing on Katherine and Elena leaves in disgust. Stefan makes John drink some of his blood and tells him to leave the town within 24 hours or else he will be turned into a vampire against his will.

Bonnie sees Katherine at the party, she mistakes her as Elena too and talks to her openly about Damon. Bonnie senses something is wrong and calls Elena to find out that she has not arrived to the party. Before she can tell a soul, Katherine is behind her and confronts her. Stefan finds Bonnie and Katherine before anything can happen and tells Katherine to leave Bonnie alone. She agrees and goes for a walk with Stefan. Stefan asks what she is up to and she says that she came back for him. He admits that he hates her and never loved her. She stabs Stefan in the stomach and flees.

Elena arrvies at the wake and talks to Damon about the kiss. She tells him that she isn't surprised he wanted to kiss her but that he thought she would kiss him back. She leaves him to go find Stefan. Once Elena finds Stefan, she tends to his wound while Damon comes upon them and makes jokes about how Katherine is trying to steal Stefan. Stefan tries calming down Damon but Damon says that Katherine will try to play them against one another.

Damon leaves the party and goes back home where he is faced with Katherine. She teases him to either kiss her or kill her. He says he will kiss her, only if she answers his question the way he wants her to. Before he can ask, she knows the question and admits she never loved him and it has always been Stefan. Damon's eyes well up as she walks away.

At the Lockwoods', Tyler goes on a rampage about his father's death by smashing a picture of the mayor and almost attacking his mother. Mason wrestles him to the floor and asks him what's going on. Tyler says it's the curse of the Lockwoods. Ah, another clue. What mythical creature could possibly have a temper like that? We'll just have to see. ;)

Damon waits for Elena back in her room where he says she has to be lying to herself about her feelings for him. He tries to prove his statement by kissing Elena, she pulls away and says the same thing to Damon as Katherine said to's Stefan, not him. Am I the only one shocked that neither of those girls have fallen for all of that yet?

Jeremy walks in at that moment and Damon grabs him. Damon says he can make him into a vampire and take away all of his pain. Damon cracks Jeremy's neck and walks away. We do see though that Jeremy is wearing his father's protective ring.

The episode ends where we go back to the hospital where Katherine pays Caroline a little visit. She asks Caroline to give the Salvatore brothers a message for her. She smothers Caroline with a pillow and says, "Game on."

The best opening episode for a show I have ever seen in my life! So, many cliff hangers answered and other cliff hangers made! Surpises around every corner that concern love, loss, immortality, and so much more.

Tell me what you thought of this week's episode! What do you think will happen with Elena and Damon? Does Damon still love Katherine? What will Jeremy do in this season: turn into a vampire, find another love, etc? What is Katherine up to? And, what could the Lockwood curse be exactly? Leave me a comment about this episode and check back here every Friday for a Vampire Diaries recap!

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