Vampire Diaries-- Season 2, Episode 7: "Masquerade"

Okay, so I know Alisha is usually the one who tells you all about Vampire Diaries, but her life is crazy busy! So, she asked me to fill in for her. Sadly, I have never even watched one episode. But don't worry, I wouldn't waste a blog saying "Um.... there's vampires?" I spent time looking up what happened so this blog wouldn't sound anything like that.

"Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, and Caroline team up and form a plan to kill Katherine at the masquerade ball. Jenna returns home from the hospital, and Alaric agrees to keep an eye on Elena while the others carry out their plan. Katherine is visited by a witch named Lucy, who is to help her retrieve the moonstone from Stefan and Damon. At the ball, Katherine pretends to be Elena and threatens to kill partygoers if she doesn't get the moonstone. Bonnie intuitively realizes that Lucy is a witch. Matt, Tyler, and a girl named Sara are drinking and partying in a room at the ball when Matt-under Katherine's compulsion- begins taunting Tyler about his father and tries to fight him. Caroline hears them and breaks up the fight, but Sara- who is also being compelled- stabs Tyler with a knife,and he accidentally slams her into a desk, killing her. His eyes turn yellow, showing that the curse has been triggered. Stefan and Damon trap Katherine in a room that Bonnie has spelled to prevent Katherine from leaving it. Meanwhile, Elena becomes suspicious and goes to the ball to investigate. Jeremy and Bonnie tell her what's going on. Stefan and Damon try to kill Katherine, staking her several times, but stop when Jeremy comes running and tells them that every time they stake her, Elena is severely wounded too. Katherine reveals that she had Lucy put a spell on her and Elena, linking them together. Bonnie confronts Lucy and demands that she lift the Katherine/Elena spell. Lucy does so and incapacitates Katherine, who collapses. It is revealed that Lucy is Bonnie's cousin. Elena recovers from her wounds but refuses to get back with Stefan, saying she wants to feel that she and her family are safe first. Damon traps Katherine in an underground tomb. Before he seals the tomb, she pleads with him, saying that Elena is in danger, but he walks away. As Elena heads home, she is intercepted by a masked stranger, who grabs her and covers her mouth while she screams."

Wow, I have never even heard the plot of VD, but this has me interested. So for those who have been watching, I am sure this is exciting! Remember to watch tonight's episode "Rose" to see what happens next!
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