Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 8: "Rose"

(Oh, I miss thee)

I watched last week's episode but didn't have a chance to post anything, so the lovely Brooke posted it for me. Thanks, Brooke! Now on to this week's episode:

After Elena is kidnapped at a masquerade ball (another event, Mystic Falls?), Stefan goes on the haunt for her with Damon following along. Bonnie casts a tracking spell, she sees that Elena is in a remote area in a gothic mansion...awesome. 

We see that Elena has been taken by a British couple, Trevor and Rose, who have been alive for at least 500 years. They owe a debt to Elijah, who is one of the original vampires. They had to bring back Katherine when she was Katerina. Katherine was a doppelganger and sacrificing one was thought to break the vampire curse. Obviously, this didn't work out. They have been on the run from Elijah but once they found out Elena was a doppelganger, so they chose to kidnap her and present her to Elijah.

Elijah comes to the mansion and is please with the sight of Elena. Obviously, this is the time that the heros break in. Stefan and Damon don't disappoint with the running around as blurry figures in the mansion. Elijah is a heavy match, so the two use the element of surprise and stab Elijah with a coatrack against the door. He appears to be dead. Elena thanks Stefan but Damon thinks it is him that she is thanking.

Once Elena returns home, she is welcomed home by Bonnie and Jeremy who waited for any news of her safety or return. She goes to her room where Damon surprises her with the vervain necklace Elijah tore off of her. Before he gives it back to her, he tells her to listen to him. He announces his love for her but says that he doesn't deserve her but Stefan does. He kisses her on the forehead and then compels her to forget what he said.

Rose goes to the Salvatores' place and tells Stefan that she's tired of running but has no place to go. She reveals that Klaus, the original vampire, is after Elena. We then go back to the mansion where we see Elijah wake up and unstake himself.  

I know I'm not the only one that was screaming for joy when Damon finally said the words to Elena. So, tell me what you think of this week's episode, whether you're jumping for joy over Damon's words or screaming "Why?" on the mountain tops.

Peace and Fangs,
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