Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 9: "Katerina"

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Very long post today, I bolded all the key points in each paragraph:

We flashback to 1490 in Bulgaria, where we see Katerina giving birth in her bed. Once her child is born, her father takes it away and accuses her of disgracing their family. She begs her mother to get the baby back but all her mother tells her is to let the child go.

We then go to the present where Elena arrives at the Salvatore house after Stefan calls. The group--Damon, Stefan, Elena, and Rose--gather and discuss Klaus. Rose admits she doesn't know what's true and what's false. Damon says that Klaus is one of the oldest vampires in history. Elena is worried why the oldest vampire is after her but Stefan reassures her that no one is after her. Rose goes on to say that Klaus always gets what he wants and anyone who is not scared of Klaus is an idiot. Elena then announces she has to go to school. Stefan offers to take her but she declines and leaves.

At school, the flirting begins! Jeremy asks Bonnie to shoot some pool at the Mystic Grill with him that afternoon. She is hesitant at first because he is Elena's younger brother but she agrees in the end. The flirting is interrupted when a new student, Luka, walks up to them and asks for directions to the office. We see there is a connection between Luka and can Jeremy. Jeremy offers to take Luka to the office and they leave.

Elena is walking through the woods with Caroline and tells her to not tell Stefan about what she is doing. She enters the tomb, where Katherine is. She tells Caroline that she needs to talk to Katherine. Caroline points out that Katherine lies about everything but Elena counters back that Katherine knows the truth about Klaus. Caroline opens the tomb for Elena and Elena calls out to Katherine. We see a weak Katherine stumble into view and greets Elena.

After Caroline leaves, Elena and Katherine talk about Klaus after Elena gives Katherine a book of her family history and a cup of blood. Katherina admits that she met Klaus in England. Her family threw her out and she fled to England. There she met Klaus who she was smitten with until she found out what he was and what he wanted. We flashback to where we see Katherine hiding from a group of men while Elijah shouts that he can smell her blood and it's no use of running from Klaus. Trevor leads the group away and catches up to Katherine where he tells her to go to a cottage where she will be safe. Elena asks what Klaus wanted and Katherine tells her what he wants from Elena, to end the curse. Elena then realises that Katherine was a doppelganger too.

In the Salvatore house, Damon and Rose discuss Damon's feelings for Elena. He denies being in love with her while Rose does not believe it. Damon then asks where they can find Klaus. Rose admits it is not simple and says she found Elijah through someone called Slater in Richmond. Rose says she can't go out in sunlight, but Damon tells her to drive.

At school, Caroline sees Stefan leaving and goes up to him. He says that he heard Elena is sick and he was going to check on her. She tells him not to and says they need to talk about it later. She then reveals that she told Tyler she is a vampire.

In the tomb, Elena asks what Klaus wants with the Petrova bloodline. Katherine says that the curse was bound with a Petrova blood sacrifice. She says that the doppelganger was a way to undo the curse. We then flashback to Katherine arriving at the cottage where an old woman refuses to help her. Rose appears and compels the woman to let them in. Katherine shows her the moonstone and Rose asks where she got it. Katherine admits that she knew it was for the ritual and grabbed it before escaping. Rose warns that no one gets away from Klaus and he kills anyone who tries to and anyone who helps them. She says she will take Katherine back to him and plead for him to have mercy on them.

Elena points out that Rose couldn't have taken Katherine back to Klaus, Katherine admits that is true but it wasn't because Rose had a change of heart. We see Rose come back to the cottage to take Katherine to Klaus. Katherine says she tripped in the woods when Rose sees her bleeding but Rose sees she stabbed herself. Katherine admits that she rather die than go back to Klaus. Rose won't let Katherine die because that would mean Trevor would be in danger, so she feeds Katherine her blood. When Trevor arrives, Rose confronts him about the danger he has put them in but he says he does not care because he is in love with Katherine and won't take her back to Klaus. They hear a noise in the other room and go in to see Katherine hanging to make herself into a vampire because if she wasn't human, she would be no use to Klaus. Elena then sees that Katherine has been running from Klaus ever since, Katherine says that she underestimated Klaus' vengeance. Katherine sees Elena's shocked face and offers her blood because she's scared to die, but Elena won't take it. We go to the flashback where Trevor asks what Katherine has done and that he could have helped her live. She says that he would have only let her run and that wasn't enough. Rose tries to stake her but instead stakes the old woman before Katherine drinks from her. Rose tells Katherine that she has signed their death sentence and she says, "Better you than I." Elena is shocked by what Katherine did but Katherine just suggests that Elena look out for herself like she did.

Caroline and Stefan go to the Mystic Grill where they talk about Tyler. Caroline says she didn't tell Tyler much and asks Stefan if he is mad at her. He says yes but he won't tell Damon because he will kill her. Caroline tells Stefan that Tyler is worrying about what will happen the next full moon. On the other side of the bar, Bonnie enters to meet up with Jeremy but finds Luka and his father there. She sits down with them for a quick second and finds out that they moved up from Louisiana and that they know her family that lived in Salem. Jeremy makes his entrance and Bonnie leaves with him.

In Richmond, Damon and Rose talk to Slater about how Elijah is dead. Rose asks how they can get in touch with Klaus and Slater says that they should use Craigslist. (Really?) He says he got in touch with Elijah by setting up a personal ad but his search has ended because Elijah is dead (so they think). Outside, Elijah appears.

Jeremy and Bonnie are finally getting their flirt on while playing pool until Luka interrupts (again!) and says his dad has left. Stefan announces to Caroline that he is leaving and she tries to make him stay. He demands answers as to where Elena is but she does not give him any.

Back in the tomb, Elena asks Katherine how much of the story is real...Katherine counters back with saying why would she lie. Elena realizes what Katherine has done. She came to Mystic Falls because she was going to hand over Elena (a doppelganger) to Klaus. Elena soon finds out that you need a vampire, a werewolf, and a vampire to undo the curse. Elena is shocked over Katherine giving them all up but Katherine simply replies, "Better you than I." Katherine then goes into the darkness of the tomb.

In Richmond, Damon points out that some of the vampires must know about the "day rings" and asks why the originals want to get rid of the sun/night curse. Slater replies that if a vampire breaks the sun curse, werewolves would still be stuck in the night curse. Elijah still listens outside while playing with his coins. Damon then asks if they could render the moonstone useless, Slater says it is possible but asks why. Damon comments that it could tick off the originals that they can not walk in the day. Elijah then throws the coin into the window, the window shatters and brings in the UV that it kept out. The vampires fall to the ground and start to burn, Damon does not because of his sun ring. He finds Rose and covers her with his jacket to bring her back to the parking garage. She asks where Slater is and that he wouldn't betray her. That it is Klaus doing this and they're all dead.

Back at Mystic Grill, Bonnie watches Jeremy play pool as Luka talks to her. He apologises for his dad being to blunt about her family's whereabouts. Bonnie admits that she felt something, Luka then reveals that he is a warlock by hovering salt over the table with his hand. As they continue to talk, Jeremy looks over at them and then decides to leave.

Stefan arrives at the tomb and reassures Elena that Caroline didn't say anything but it didn't take him long to figure out. He tells Elena to disregard anything Katherine has said and it is all a lie. He tells Elena that he will protect her but Elena says that she knows he won't but he will die trying, why is that any better? Katherine appears again and tells Stefan that there's nothing he can do and that she hasn't even told the best part yet. We flashback to Bulgaria 1492 where Katherine arrives back at her home. She goes into the house and see her whole family has been killed. Katherine says that Klaus always gets his vengeance and your friends, family, and loved ones. Katherine tells Stefan that Elena is doomed unless she has the moonstone which Katherine has. Stefan calls Katherine a "manipulative psychotic bitch". Katherine then goes on to say that she doesn't want her freedom because when Klaus comes to kill them all, she will be in the tomb where no vampire would go into because they would not be able to get back out. So, she will be the safest "psycho-bitch in town". Stefan takes Elena home but she doesn't want to talk about it. Stefan pleads with her and Elena confesses that everyone she knows and loves is in danger because of her, it's all her fault. Stefan hugs her while Katherine, back in the tomb, reads her family history and becomes tearful when she finds a picture of her parents.

In the Salvatore house, Rose apologises for what happened today to Damon. Rose wishes that they could save Elena and that Damon wants to. The pair toast to friendship and Rose says that it's good that Damon is pushing back his feelings for Elena, it's not good to love anyone when you're trying to survive. Rose tells Damon to turn off his emotions and he agrees if she does the same. They kiss and eventually have sex. Rose admits that their is no switch of your emotions. Her phone rings and Slater apologises for leaving the cafe earlier before telling her that to destroy the curse, they need the moonstone. Once they get the moonstone, find a witch and they would know what to do.

After Slater hangs up, Elijah applauds him. Slater asks how Elijah can compel him because vampires can't compel other vampires. Elijah comments that he is a special kind of vampire. Slater asks if he is an original but Elijah compels Slater and makes him kill himself. After brief hesitation, Slater kills himself. Luka's father then appears and asks if that was necessary. Elijah replies, "It had to be done. He delivered his message. It won't be long now."

Lots of details this week! I hope next week reveals a lot of more answers and more drama! Tell me your thoughts on everything that happened! Bonnie and Jeremy? Damon and Rose? Stefan and Elena? Katherine's history? Klaus? Will Elena turn into a vampire like Katherine?

Here is a snippet of next week's episode:

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