Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 13: "Daddy Issues"

We saw in the last episode that Tyler finds out that there are more vampires than just Caroline. This episode, we see Tyler confront Caroline about Mason's death. Tyler is angry because Caroline kept Mason's death a secret from him. Jenna is angry when she finds out that John Gilbert is Elena's biological father. Jules, a "evil" werewolf, meets up with her feisty wolf lover, Brady, and tells him she wants to leave with Tyler and run.

Caroline is taken hostage by Jules after she is sprayed with vervain, while Stefan is trying to reason with Tyler. Jules calls Stefan and tells him to bring Tyler in exchange for Caroline. Stefan tells Elena to brief Damon on the situation and Damon tells John to watch Elena. Elena and John have a talk and Elena makes it apparent that John might be her dad, but she is not her daughter. Stefan goes to Brady's RV where they are keeping Caroline with Tyler in tow. Damon shows up just in the knick of time. Jules calls out her wolf friends to attack, but they are no match for Stefan and Damon. Damon and Stefan take out a good chunk of the werewolves. 

Tyler finds Caroline in a cage and reluctantly releases her. She runs out and is caught by Jules. Damon and Stefan are about to be stake, while Tyler just stares at Caroline. Jonas appears on Elijah's behalf and causes the werewolves to hhear a high pitch sound. Jonas tells Tyler to tell his friends to get "the hell of out of town". Tyler tries to apologize to Caroline, but she quickly declines and tells him they are never friends. 

Later, Matt calls Caroline and asks to hang out. She lies and says she's with Bonnie, but Matt quickly sees Bonnie with Jeremy. Is anyone else giddy over at?

Tyler tells Brady and Jules that Mason might have been looking for the moonstone. They ask where the moonstone is, but Tyler does not know.

Damon tries to find out why John Gilbert is in Mystic Falls, but John says that he is there to protect Elena. John later reveals that the only way to kill an Original is to dip a dagger in white ashwood that dates back to the time the Originals...originated. John is then shown revealing his true slimy self and is in the tomb working with Katherine to get her out.

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