Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 15: "Dinner Party"

We begin the episode back at the Gilberts' lake house where Elena reads Jonathan Gilbert's journal. The episode flashes back to the days Jonathan Gilbert was alive and we see a ferocious vampire killing two of the Fells. We see that the ferocious vampire is none other than Stefan. We go back to Elena where she sees Stefan out by the lake. Mmm....romantic.
Stefan then goes on to tell Elena that he was a monster and that it was easy for him to kill because there was a war during the time. He didn't stop until Lexi, his best friend, showed him love and humanity. He asks Elena to do the same and not give up on her life, but fight for it.

We see Jenna showing Elijah old witch grounds he is looking to buy, I'm guessing. Alaric shows up to make sure Jenna is not hurt. At the Mystic Grill, Elijah runs into Damon and Alaric. Damon's girlfriend mentions that they should have a dinner party and Damon happily invites Elijah.
At the dinner party, Damon prepares a stake with ashwood. He tells Alaric he will kill Elijah. Once Elijah arrives, Elijah warns Damon of his promise to Elena and that is that if Damon tries to kill him, he will kill everyone in the house: Damon, Alaric, Jenna, and Damon's girlfriend.

In Jonathan's journal, it says that if a vampire were to kill an Original with a dagger and take it out, they die as well. It becomes prevelant that John Gilbert (Elena's biological dad) wanted Damon to kill Elijah because then he would die too. Stefan calls Damon to warn him, but Alaric picks up. Alaric then warns Damon of what will happen. Alaric takes it upon himself to kill Elijah and stabs him with the dagger. They take the body outside, but Elijah's body disappears. Elena reads in the journal that to really kill an Original, you must not remove the dagger or the Original will come back to life.

Elijah goes to Jonas and asks where Elena is. Jonas realizes what Bonnie had done to his son and goes to Jeremy's house where he and Bonnie are practicing spells. Jonas pins Jeremy to the wall and takes Bonnie's powers away.
John convinces Alaric to give him his ring when Jenna starts questioning Alaric about Isobel.

Elijah appears at the Gilberts' lake house and tells Elena that their deal is off and threatens that even though he is not invited in, he will wait them out. Elena tells him to renegoiate or else she'll stab herself, have Stefan feed her his blood, and then kill herself like Katherine had done to become a vampire. Once she is a vampire, she is longer no use to Elijah. Elijah calls her bluff and Elena stabs herself. Elijah gives his word and begs for her to let him heal her. She falls into his arms and stabs him with the dagger. He falls to the ground, dead. Stefan and Damon appear and look at the now dead, Elijah. They drag him to the basement and Elena tells the guys that they need to start doing things her way if she is going to fight. They both agree.

Damon finds Katherine in his shower. The compulsion to stay in the tomb wore off with Elijah's death. She says that she will stay to help protect Elena.

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