Music Monday: Release of Vices and Virtures

For Music Monday, I have again chosen Panic At the Disco! Today is the release of Vices and Virtures, their new album. I was a little hesistant to hear their new stuff because there were only two of the original members left, but I was going in with a open glad I did. I loved their first single from the CD, The Balled of Mona Lisa. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out here!

With the release of Vices and Virtues, the album has been trending Twitter all day and you can check out the whole album over at their Facebook.

I have listened to some of the songs on their album and have to say that some of them are pretty good. They seem like they're getting to their old P!ATD phase...I'm definitely not complaining. However, I'm not feeling the techno bits. Sometimes it works for them like Time to Dance, but other times it doesn't. Just give each song a chance and listen to it for 30 seconds. They have really great stuff!

Peace and Fangs,
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