Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 18: "The Last Dance"

Klaus is still in Alaric's body. *sighs* Great. He compels Katherine to tell him everything that she knows about the other's plan for Klaus. She tells him as much as she can, but doesn't know everything that's going on.

He meets the gang back at the Salvatores' house which is now in Elena's name, so only the people who are safe can come in. Elena tells the others about how a girl told her that a hot guy wants to dance with her at the '60s decade dance. (There are way too many events for this small town.) Klaus also finds out that Bonnie is strong enough to kill Klaus.

Matt is still having a hard time with tricking Caroline that he forgot everything from her compelling when really he drank vervain so that she couldn't compel him.

Jeremy asks Bonnie at the dance if she's absolutely sure she wants to do this and why she wants to do this. Damon overhears them and talks to Bonnie about it. Jeremy tells Stefan about it and Stefan tells Elena. Obviously, Elena confronts Bonnie about the issue and Bonnie asks Elena if she would have done the same for her. When Elena doesn't answer, Bonnie tells her that that is exactly why she has to save her, even if it means killing her.

Bonnie and Elena follow Alaric when he tells them that Jeremy is in trouble. When he leads them into an empty hallway, Elena guesses on who Alaric really is. They flee after Klaus reveals to them that his soul mission tonight is to kill Bonnie. They meet up with Damon and Elena goes off to find Stefan like Damon said.

Damon asks Bonnie if she's ready to kill Klaus. When Stefan and Elena come back, Damon tells them that Bonnie is doing what she has to do and they see she if fighting Klaus. After a few blows, Bonnie is killed by Klaus and he disappears. Elena and Stefan try to find a pulse, but can not. Elena breaks down and Damon tells them to leave and he'll deal with the body.

Damon puts Bonnie in the house where she received her powers and Jeremy comes to visit her. She awakens and Jeremy tells her that she will stay with her. Damon reveals to Elena that Klaus had to think that Bonnie was dead. He tells her that she faked it, but whenever it is between Elena and Bonnie, he will always pick Elena. (Can I say true squee worthy moment?)

At the last scene, we see Elena go into the basement where Elijah is still dead and takes out the stake.

Tell me what you think about what Elena did and any other intense moments from this episode!

Peace and Fangs,

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