Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 19: "Klaus"

Elena is with Elijah when he awakens and his first word is "Katerina." Cute, yes, but very suspicious. There is something wrong though and he races out of the house. It is then understood that since Elijah wasn't invited into the house, he was pushed out. Elijah wonders if Elena can be trusted. She hands him back the dagger they killed him with. There is a flashback to 1492 where we see Elijah being introduced to Katherine by Klaus.

After Elena leaves with Elijah to confirm a trust with him, Stefan realises they are both gone and tells her to come home over the home. Elena says she knows what she is doing and to respect her decision. Elena hands Elijah the phone and they make a stop at the Lockwood home for clothes. As the episode progresses, we learn the ultimate secret...Elijah and Klaus are brothers! Elijah says that his family is apart of one of the original families in which vampires were created. He then reveals that other than the dagger, nothing can kill an original. Therefore, an original walking out in the sunlight doesn't hurt them. Why does Klaus need to break he sun/moon curse then if he can walk in sunlight? It's fake.

Stefan goes to see Jenna because Klaus, in Alaric's body, is going to see her. He is too late though and Klaus is already in the house. Klaus asks Jenna if she believes in vampires and says he's obsessed with him. Stefan pushes Klaus against the wall and tells Jenna to go with his vampiric face. Elena leaves Elijah for a moment to comfort Jenna and tells her that not only do vampires exist, but everyone around her knows about it.

Klaus made up the curse, but still needs the doppelganger. He wants every immortal (witch, vampire, werewolf) looking for her to release a true curse that's on Klaus. Elijah's mother was having an affair with another man and had Klaus. Elijah's dad killed her lover and his whole family, which created a war between the two species (werewolf and vampire), which is still ensuing. Klaus is half werewolf, but witches dormant that side, however, Klaus wants to bring it forth. The only time to break the curse is during the full moon when he's changing. That is also when he is at his weakest and can be killed.

Damon and Stefan start to fight when the topic of Elena's love comes into play and Stefan finally brings up that Damon is in love with her. Stefan says he will never have her trust and that breaks Damon. Their fight mirrors that of Klaus' and Elijah's fights together. They stop once Elijah and Elena come in and tell them that Elijah knows how to keep her alive and the sacrifice will go on with Bonnie's help. Elijah says he will help if he gets an apology from both Stefan and Damon. Stefan apologizes while Damon tells them to go to hell and walks out. He almost kills his "girlfriend" in a fit of rage and tells her to leave before he does.

We see lastly a witch and, presumably, Maddox, cast a spell which releases Klaus from Alaric's body. They open a large box and out walks present-day Klaus.

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Next Week's Episode: "The Last Day"
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