Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 20: "The Last Day"

We open up with Elijah discussing with Stefan and Elena about how the curse will be broken. If Klaus goes through with breaking the curse, Klaus will be a true hybrid. He only has the vampire part of him right now. Elijah reveals that Klaus has to drink he blood of a doppelganger until her death. Elijah has a potion for Elena to drink. She will die, but be brought back.

Elijah asks why Elena wants to do this. She replies that Klaus will hurt people if she doesn't sacrifice herself. Jenna tries to hurt Alaric with a crossbow because she thinks he is still Klaus. He tells her about their first night together which causes her to believe it is really him.

Tyler visits his mom in the hospital after he hears that she has had a terrible accident. Got to say I'm excited he's back! Matt is still spazzing out that Caroline is a vampire. I have a bet with a friend that she will stay with I'm regretting my side. Matt and Caroline's mom try to work through what to do, but Caroline's mom tells him she shouldn't have brought him into it and tells him that she will handle it.
Damon tells Elena that he seems to have no say in the decision of her sacrificing herself. He tells her that he can't lose her and Elena reassures him that he won't. Before Elena can leave, Damon vamps out and forces Elena to drink his blood. Stefan attacks Damon after finding out what he had done and Damon essentially stabs him. Jenna, Alaric, and Elena nurse Stefan back into health after Elijah tells Damon that the elixir is now useless and Elena will not forgive him anytime soon.

Tyler and Jules run into Caroline. Caroline and Tyler talk about how they each are and why Tyler never said goodbye to her. They each are knocked unconcious by Klaus' witch and warlock.

Damon and Alaric run into Klaus. Klaus threatens Damon to not do anything he'll regret. Damon tries the charm with "postponing" Klaus' sacrifice. Klaus tells him that he has his witch, his vampire, and his wolf. All he needs now is the doppelganger and the sacrifice will happen that night.

Stefan takes Elena to a waterfall and tries to talk to her about her having her last day as a vampire. Say what? Damon goes to Alaric's to try and kill Klaus' wolf. Katherine reveals to him that Klaus nabbed Caroline and Tyler for his vampire and wolf, and locked them up in the tomb.

Stefan tells Elena that the worst part of being a vampire is getting out of control and that he's still trying to deal with it. Klaus asks Katherine what she has been doing with compulsion, but gets nothing from her. Klaus asks Katherine to take off her bracelet and to go walk over to the window in stand in the sunlight where she burns. Klaus tells her to get out of the sunlight, relieving the thought she might be lying about being compelled.
Damon is attacked by a warlock when he tries to go to the tomb, but is saved by...Matt? Matt tells Damon that he wants to help Caroline because he loves her. Damon knocks him out with his gun.

Caroline tells Tyler about the curse and what Klaus will do to them. Tyler tells Caroline that Jules helped Tyler come to terms with what he was and none of it matters now. Caroline confronts him about why he did not say goodbye. Tyler replies that she hated him and deserved better than him. Caroline reassures him that she doesn't hate him. Damon saves the day and Tyler is told that Matt knows about Caroline being a vampire.

Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't want to be a vampire and that she's too young to know what she wants to do. Klaus is ready to take Elena when Stefan and her get home. Elena tells him that he doesn't need to get hurt. They both say their 'I love yous' and a meaningful kiss before Elena goes off with Klaus. Stefan tells Damon that Klaus took Elena.

Tyler starts to go through the transformation, where he almost attacks Caroline and Damon. Damon stays with Tyler to watch over them while Caroline and Matt get away.

Klaus gives Elena to a witch and realizes Damon was invited in. Klaus tries to push Damon with talking about his feelings towards Elena. Klaus shows Damon that he captured Jules just in case one of the Salvatore brothers rescues Caroline and Tyler. Klaus tricked Damon into coming for him to be his back-up vampire.

Caroline and Matt get into Tyler's family cellar to protect themselves. Elena goes into the sacrifical circle where she finds Jenna who is going through the transition of becoming a vampire, where she will be the back-up vampire instead. Katherine asks Damon what is on his hand and reveals that it is a werewolf bite.

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