Book Blogger Hop: 6/3-6/6

Book Blogger Hop is a great way to meet new blogs and to have people see your's. Crazy for Books runs this awesome meme!

This week's question:
“Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!”
My Answer: My favorite post has to be when I interviewed Beth Fantaskey. I asked her about any tips for aspiring writers. She talked about her husband asking if her writing was supposed to be fun when she was freaking over a deadline. That stuck with me because I always worried about that. I want to write and have my books be on thousands of shelves, but I also want it to be something I will always enjoy. Beth said: "I ask it of myself all the time now, and if I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, I make adjustments." That sticks with me because the other night I kept hearing that my book sounds like Twilight because it consists of vampires and werewolves. My sister told me to forget about other people and write for myself. So, now I write for me and if I lose interest with it, that's because I don't and not how others feel.
Peace and Fangs,
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