Review: Dorian Gray (2009)

Synopsis: A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty eternally, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all. Source

Plot: I had to watch this movie because it was based off of a classic novel and it starred Ben Barnes. I did love the movie; I wasn't expecting it to scare me, but it did. It was so beautifully horrifying. Dorian comes as a pure and beautiful man but ends up emotionless and destructive. Even after all the things he does, I felt pity for him. Each character points out that he has the world for his taking, but he takes it for granted and the portrait of him reflects that. The movie was fast-paced in some ways. When he fell in love the first time, I didn't really get to connect with his love, Sibyl. It went from them meeting to them wanting to get married. The plot was very solid and interesting though. I wanted to see how Dorian turned out and what his fate would be.

Actors: Ben Barnes (Dorian Gray) - Barnes is incredibly good-looking, so he automatically fit the role. He did an amazing job with going from a naive boy to a cynical man. He looked the same, but his demeanor and behavior changed which made people not want to be around. I did have pity for him, but I hated him in some situations. He wanted rise above the pressure and when he did, it was too late.
Colin Firth (Lord Henry Wotton) - Firth was amazing. He had such horrible qualities, it was hard to see that he was ever nice. I love when actors are able to make me hate their characters because that shows how good their performance was. I've always loved Colin Firth, so that gave me even more reason to watch this. He is a very essential character and I'm glad he played the part because I could not see anyone else doing a better job.

Poster: I do like the poster. It gives the feel of the movie, going from purity to destruction. Also, the colors that the poster and the movie play with are very compatible: blue, white, and black.

Overall Rating: I give this movie a three out of four. I would have given it a four out of four if it wasn't some of the fast-paced scenes. However, the performances and the scenery were beautiful and well-done. The plot was very unique and rare, it's hard to just come up with this. It isn't for the faint of heart though. It is rated R for a reason, so please only mature watchers see this movie. There are a few sexual situations. But, other than that, this movie was enjoyable and I would watch it again.
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