Snapshot Summer Scavenger Hunt

Here at Black Nailed Reviews, we want all of you guys to have a great summer! We want to bring you guys some summer gifts and fun.

For the next few weeks, we will be hosting a summer scavenger hunt for our readers. Some authors we have lined up are Cassandra Clare, Adrian Phoenix, Alyson Noel, and more to come. Each author will have a whole week dedicated to them, where we will interview them, host a scavenger hunt related to them, and let you guys have a chance to win some merch or books from the author.

But, how can you take part? Well that's easy! Just sign-up in the comments section, where you can put your name and contact info. Each week of the scavenger hunt, we will give a list of 3-5 things you find to be apart of the giveaway. You can take pictures of the items and send them to us, whether email or Twitter.

If you want to videotape you finding the items or trying to figure out the clues. Please go ahead and send them to us! We will post pictures of everyone's findings and if anyone has any videos, those too!

The first author to appear will be Alyson Noel, the author of the Immortals series and many others. Sign-up ends June 6th, where we will have an interview and the items posted!

Have fun and tell your friends!

Peace and Fangs,
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