Week 3: Adrian Phoenix *International Giveaway*

This week is dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Adrian Phoenix. She is the author of the Maker's Song and the Hoodoo series. For this week's prize, we are giving out three prizes. First: signed copies of Black Dust Mambo and Black Heart Loa (to be released June 28th); Second: a signed copy of any of Adrian's titles; Third: a hoodoo book thong. (picture below) We will draw three winners and each will receive the prizes in order. You can enter the giveaway here. The giveaway ends on June 25th, midnight (EST).

Now, I will turn it over to Adrian and our guests:

As always, it’s a pleasure being back on Black Nailed Reviews. Since the second book in my Hoodoo series, Black Heart Loa, will be released June 28th, I thought I’d tell y’all a little about hoodoo and the series, then let the two main troublemakers, Kallie Rivière and her best friend, Belladonna Brown, take over to chat about whatever catches their fancy.

First, a little bit about hoodoo and Voodoo. The main difference is that Voodoo is a religion, with priestesses (mambos), priests (houngans) and devoted practitioners who participate in ceremonies to summon the loa (natural spirits and those of the dead), while hoodoo is a system of folk magic following the same belief system as Voodoo, including the same gods/loas/saints.

With hoodoo, there are no priests or priestesses or ceremonies, just root doctors and root workers (also known as conjurers) working out of their homes and/or botanicas. Laying tricks and foot magic, breaking/making hexes, creating natural medicines and cures for illnesses of all kinds—heart, body, and soul.

The first book in the series is Black Dust Mambo and it introduces fiery Cajun hoodoo apprentice, Kallie Rivière. She finds mystery, dark juju, murder, and sexy nomads while attending an annual magic carnival in New Orleans. And a wet boxers contest. (Belladonna is one happy judge and Kallie gets to wield a bucket of warm water.)

The second book, Black Heart Loa, picks up where Black Dust Mambo leaves off. While searching for her missing bayou pirate cousin, Kallie discovers that magic has suddenly become as random as rolling a handful of dice. And the wards woven to protect the Gulf coast and New Orleans from hurricanes are unraveling just as the deadliest storm in a century is born. As the hurricane powers toward the heart of all that Kallie loves, she searches for the cause of the magic randomness, only to learn an unsettling truth: the culprit may be herself. To protect her family and friends, including the sexy nomad Layne Valin, Kallie steps into the jaws of danger and find a loup garou designed to steal her heart—literally.

Now, I’ll hand things over to Kallie and Belladonna. Have fun, girls, and try to be nice.
Belladonna: Girl, please. We’re always nice, right, Shug?

Kallie: *shrugs* Sure, if by ‘always nice’ you mean ‘never.’

Belladonna: If by ‘never’ you mean ‘Kallie.’

Kallie: *grins* That about sums it up.

Belladonna: Mmm-hmmm. Well, before we jump into our favorite tricks—

Kallie: And by tricks, we mean spells. Not street corner hooking.

Belladonna: True dat. But you’d be surprised by the number of men who are disappointed to learn that little fact. Remember that one guy, Shug? The pudgy one who came to your aunt’s botanica with a whole laundry list of tricks he wanted to buy?

Kallie: *snorts* The XXX-rated list. Yup, I remember. What trick did he end up with?

Belladonna: A very educational one, if I recall. A poppet with a pin stuck in a sensitive, southerly location.

Kallie: *laughs* He paid pretty damned well to get that pin removed and the poppet unmade. I don’t think he’ll ever ask a woman to lay a trick on him again.

Belladonna: That he won’t, Shug. That he won’t.

Kallie: The tricks I most like to fix are love potions and poppets. Nothing better than seeing two—

Belladonna: Or more—you need to be open-minded, Shug. Not everyone falls into twos.

Kallie: *rolls eyes* Please. Whatever, Little Miss Worldly. As I was saying, nothing better than seeing two—slants an annoyed look at Belladonna—or more people fall in love. Or make that love stronger.

Belladonna: Mm-hmm. But you’re not like a lot of other rootworkers. You believe strongly in never doing something against a person’s will—including love. I know a ton of rootworkers and mambos who feel that if it’s a love trick, it’s all good.

Kallie: Me too. But that ain’t always the case. Say a man believes himself in love with a woman, but she doesn’t know he exists or she’s involved with or married to someone else and he goes and gets a love trick and makes her fall in love with him. She leaves everything behind for him, mad in love. But it’s an illusion. She was forced. Had no say. Was bespelled into loving him. I don’t do tricks like that.

Belladonna: Same here, Shug.

Kallie: But when it comes to self defense or if someone is asking for trouble—then I can skip over the ‘against their will’ bit and view it as consequences.

Belladonna: Like with that idiot who couldn’t accept that you’d dumped his ass and was stalking you and making threats.

Kallie: A shrivel-package trick took care of that.

Belladonna *laughs* Damned straight. But there wasn’t all that much to shrivel to begin with. *Gives Kallie a sly glance* Unlike that fine nomad of yours. Never saw a man who wore wet boxers better.

Kallie: *snorts* Layne isn’t mine . . . not exactly . . . not yet. And it’d take one powerful shrivel-package trick to do much to him. Not that I want to! Do anything bad, I mean.

Belladonna: What about the naughty kind of bad?

Kallie: Tais toi, you. Or I’ll be fixing you with a cat’s-got-her-tongue trick.

Belladonna: *laughs* Oh, girl. You wish.

Here’s a link for the first chapter of Black Dust Mambo. And you can visit my website for a sneak peek at Black Heart Loa.

I’m also the author of The Maker’s Song series: A Rush of Wings, In the Blood, Beneath the Skin, and Etched in Bone. The fifth book, On Midnight Wings, will be out in February.

You can read the first chapter to A Rush of Wings here.

Thanks so much for having me! It’s been a blast. You can also find me at:

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