Review: Twilight Saga ~ Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Synopsis: The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven.

Plot: OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. YES PEOPLE, BOYS AND GIRLS, MOTHERS AND FATHERS! HERE IS BREAKING DAWN PART UNO!! Seriously folks. This movie does, in fact, follow the novel quite well. Beautiful directed and created, acting superb, just... Ah. Seriously, but I'll put my latest opinion in the Overview. Now, basically if you've read the book, you know what happens. I won't shoot out any spoilers on how it ends or where it ends exactly in the book. For those who have not read Breaking Dawn then you will find yourself where Eclipse had let you drift off. Bella and Edward's wedding ensues, which is quite obvious to those who like to click the repeat button on Youtube when you watch the trailer or just happen to see it every time you change the channel on your TV. Bella and Edward go on their FREAKING AWESOME honeymoon that leads to... Well.. She is PREGGO. Yes. Bella, you're freaking 18. What the hecks!? Well, basically, Breaking Dawn shows the birthing process of the young child as well as the hardships about Jacob and his posse and Edward and the Cullens.

Characters: Okay, I'm not gonna list all the incredible actors and actresses within this film, but I will shine one star that seems to have had a hard time pleasing the fans. Can you guess?
KRISTEN STEWART! Oh god. She was.... FABULOUS! I can't even describe it. If you have been seriously annoyed with this chick for the last three movies, like moi, then you will DEFINITELY not be disappointed with her work in this film. Even though she has those stupid and annoying breathing parts and like awkward looks, she really has improved over the last three films. Although I am sad to say it took THREE FREAKING FILMS for her to improve, I think, as a young actress, she is doing much better with her acting. I would also like to point out Taylor Lautner. I have always liked Taylor in the Twilight Saga but sometimes, he just seemed stiff, like he wasn't comfortable. In Abduction, he actually wasn't that bad, but I'd have to say: Good job, Lautner! His emotions and his facial expressions were improved immensely from the other films, where he doesn't seem like a robot who seems to only be ANGRY and ANGSTY for more than half the movie. I'd have to say, a lot of the actors and actresses improved and seemed to have adjusted to this film. Kudos to you Mr. Director!

Poster: Like the other posters, I like it. Shows the three main characters, aka Bella, Edward, and Jacob, as well as the problematic bunch within this Part One, which is the wolf pack.

Overview: I'm just gonna gush right now.... OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMIWAHYJUGINE5THAENHJKJA I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! THIS IS THE BEST OUT OF THEM ALL SO FAR AND I AM FREAKING FREAKING FREAKING FREAKINGGGGG EXCITED FOR THE SECOND PART! *breathes*... Okay. Back to reality, the movie was incredibly well done with each scene seeming to be weaved well together. The emotions and actions of each individual beautifully creates a masterpiece. I sincerely believe this was the best so far. Even though there aren't a lot of action scenes like Eclipse, Breaking Dawn creates a wonderfully enriched world of fantasy, capturing the audience with a beautiful story and a cliffhanger that will make you desire more. I congratulate you, Twilight Saga; I give you a 4/4 polishes.
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