Manga Mondays - 10 of my favorite Anime/Manga ladies

Hey y'all! As you can see by the title, this week:
10 of my favorite Anime/Manga ladies!
Yep, this week it's gonna be all about the characters and why I love them all! Fair warning, they are not in any certain order; just who comes to mind immediately.

First off....

Number 10: Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail
Erza is simply the iconic figure of all female strength in Anime/Manga in today's mainstream pop culture of A&M. She's got the badarse gear, and her fight scenes are excellently drawn. Her character's personality and background are well created and tie together with the main plot line. Not only is she tough and awesome, Erza also contains a side-story love life within Fairy Tail, only making her an even more interesting character!

Excuse the idiot... Anyways...
Number 9: Orihime Inoue of Bleach
Yes.. I like Orihime-chan... She's is awesome! Her character is fun to watch on the screen of the Anime and read in the Manga. She's somewhat of a typical shounen-esque girl (for example her-BIG BOSOMS! ... *Irritation... Gun shots...* ), however, Orihime is a quick necessity within the story and shows a soft side of many characters, especially Bleach's hero, Ichigo Kurosaki. I also love all her humorous parts because she is seriously the air-head comedic relief.

Number 8: Idachi Hana of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Hana-san... *elation* She's a boss. Simply put. She is a tough fighter but also I like her stupidity as well. Yet, her determination makes her a strong female lead in YKtMC manga series. Her constantly changing mood is fun to see in every chapter, and her antics keeps me quite entertained.
Glasses girl >:D *creepy thoughts*...
You're an idiot.... >.>

Number 7: Kanae Kotonami of Skip Beat!
Nicknamed "Moko-san" (literally meaning Ms. Tiger) by Kyoko, Moko-san is an intense character. Her nickname is giving credit where credit is due. Her headstrong personality as well as her mood swings give Kanae-san her unique character. She totally seems like a meanie and a jerk at the beginning (aka a tsundere character at its very core), her advice and very existence allows the main heroine of SB! to grow as a mature and fun person.

Number 6: Chiwa Takanasi of Hapi Mari
Want me to be honest? At first, I hated Takanasi-san. She annoyed the crapola outta me at first. After a while, though, I stared to feel for her. I get why she is the way she is, and she isn't a basic character. The things she does and the things she says, she does it for a reason. She isn't one of those angsty adults that can't find love. She has it in front of her, and it felt nice to be able to watch Chiwa-san grow into an amazing character. Even if I didn't like her too much, she did make me laugh at the beginning. 
She's a hot oku-chan...
....Please ignore the dimwit...

Number 7: Sawa Konishi of Rockin' Heaven
Honestly, this is probably one of the first typical shoujos I've ever read, and that is probably how it really got me into shoujos (evil vile things that speak of fairy tale loves!! DARN YOU SHOUJOS!!) Well, Sawa Konishi seemed like a typical shoujo girl: Big eyes, girlie looking, she thinks the top guy at the school is the hottest of them all, blah blah blah, etc. etc. However, I realized, by finishing RH that Sawa was an exception. She sticks to her beliefs, from beginning to end. She stands up for what's right, even if she is bullied for it. Even through all the shoujo sparkly crud, I still like Sawa a lot.
Not my thing... Weirdo mangaka, Sa-
STFU KEIJI! *punch*

Number 6: Meirin of Kuroshitsuji
Anyways, our number 6 is personally one of my FAVORITE FAVORITES, Meirin! She has such a cool background, and seriously, my mind was BLOWN when I saw her real identity (won't reveal too much here!). Meirin is very amusing to watch in the Anime as well as read in the Manga. Her infatuation with Sebastian is pretty cute, and her glasses get me to laugh every time.
If Sebastian is gonna pass on her, I'll take her! She's my age, right?...*silence*... RIGHT!?!? :'( *sigh*

Number 5: Lenalee Lee of D. Gray-man
Very cool character. For a while, I had a huge obsession (LEMME TELL YOU IT WAS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *ROUNDHOUSE KICK*...) with female characters of games, anime, books, mangas, etc. etc. However, I lost the little femininity I had when I got into shounens and playing Assassin's Creed (ALTAIR AND EZIO FOREVER!). Lenalee partially restored my girlie fandomism. She is awesome and tough. She doesn't take crud from anyone, and seriously, I wanna be like her. She's so amazing and fun to watch on the screen. Her values in life remind me of myself (family and friends above all; friends always are family). Lenalee is awesome. Period. End of Statement. P.S. SHE MAKES PIGTAILS LOOK MORE BADARSE THAN SAILOR MOON EVER WILL!!

Connecting into Number 4: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) of Sailor Moon
You know who I wanted to grow up to be when I was little? (A vet- *SUPERASIANPUNCH* SHADDUP!) Sailor Mars. Yep. SAILOR MARS. Not Sailor Moon. Not Sailor Venus (even though she was cool). Not Sailor Pluto. SAILOR MARS. She was my idol when I grew up watching Sailor Moon. She had the wicked and long black hair, the color RED (!!), and she controlled fire and a fire bow. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MY MIND WAS FREAKING BLOWN BY HER!?... Obviously a lot.

Number 3: Teru Kurebayashi of Dengeki Daisy
I like Teru. She's very mellow, and she defends people. I think people who are willing to defend the weak are always amazing. They personally put themselves in the front lines to defend others, and that's why I've always liked the "typical" hero/heroine who tries to save or defend, not only the people they love, but everyone around them, especially the weak. Teru does this right off the bat in chapter one of the manga, even though she inside is weak. She still protects people although people do not bother with her. Her humor also is fun to have around in the book. *elation*
There you go again! Hitting the big-eyed little gir- NO ONE ASKED YOU! *Hits with a metal bat*

Number 2: Feng Lan of 1/2 Prince
Her alternative persona,
Feng Lan out of Second Life
She reminds me of when I used to play MMORPGs. I would never want to play girls because people always treat you all nicely and kindly. No. Don't discriminate my gender fools! I can beat you all without being a girl!! Feng Lan does just this within 1/2 Prince. Seriously, Feng Lan is merciless within fights, especially during the tournament's first battle (gosh, I love when she just STABBED her enemy while smiling all coldly. Amazing. Astonishing...). Feng Lan is a very interesting character, and her personality really creates a fun story. I enjoy every moment herself/Prince is on the screen. *silence...* Oh my... Is he gone?... Did I hurt him too much last time?... Well.. Anyways...

And finally...
Number 1: Haruhi Fujioka of Ouran High School Host Club
Lemme tell you... After I read Rockin' Heaven, I read Ouran High School Host Club. I fell in love with Haruhi's character. Simply amazing character design and creation by Bisco Hatori-san. Haruhi's lack of the clique heroine within a shoujo manga is the best. Her laziness and unenthusiastic effort within the host club's activities never cease to amuse me. Her many expressions and actions create a diverse character, differing from the typical. This non-typical character has made me purchase the anime series on DVD for Christmas. I also plan on buying all the mangas... Thank you Haruhi for creating a worse addiction than should have existed within me. I don't think you need her help for that, Sara-san.
Why, thanks Keiji!... WAIT A SECOND! WHAT WAS THAT!!?

Well anyways, Inked with Brilliance and Love,
I gotta go catch that jerk...

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