My Challenges for 2012

Last year was my first year at doing challenges, I was unable to finish any of them, but I'm hoping this year's different. Since I know how challenges work, I am going to do two this year! Here are my 2012 challenges:

My first challenge is hosted by Book Chick City and is a speculative romance challenge. The challenge is about reading books that have romance mixed with paranormal romance, urban fantasy, steampunk, etc.

There are four levels to the challenge on how many books to read, I decided on a happy medium, so I chose the third level (Three sexy vampires = 18 books). You do not have to choose your books ahead of time, so I am going to list them as I go!

If you would like to sign-up for this challenge, click here to get more information!

This challenge is hosted by Literary Escapism...this is their fourth year! I have never done this challenge before, so I will keep it safe and go with the minimum (15 new authors). The object of the challenge is to read books from authors you have not read before.

If you would like to sign-up yourself, click here to join!

I'm going to be chronicling my progress on our Challenges page as well as on the right sidebar. What challenges have you joined this year?

Peace and Fangs,
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