*Administrator's Note* An Apology Well Deserved

Hello, everyone!

This is Alisha here and I know that I have been a rarity here at BNR in the pass two months. I want to extend a huge apology to all of our readers and everyone else in the blog community. It has been hard to get some time to blog and publish reviews and make features I have been wanting to start this year. I kick myself everyday because I am not able to be on here and spend time with you all.

Since the time has passed and I can not do much to make up for the time lost. I have told myself that I need to change my schedule and my priorities so I can be on here each week and make sure we are posting what our readers are waiting for.

Starting today, each month there will be two interviews and at least one giveaway! Along with those, we will have Sara's Manga Mondays and some features I have been wanting to get started doing. I can not say when mine will start but we will continue to have Sara's Manga Mondays for now.

I have just taken to requested reviews and sent out a request for a certain ARC I've been wanting. I can not say how sorry I am for being absent from the blog community and from BNR, it's been hell and back over here. But, I promise that I will be here from now on and BNR will be better than before.

I hope you will join us for the ride. ♥

Peace and Fangs,
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