Super Song Sundays: Skylar Grey

Hey everyone! I'm still trying to catch up with all my reviews and reading and whatnot, but I did find a new singer that I love:
Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey (also known as Holly Brook Hafermann or Holly Brook) is an artist that I found a few weeks back so I don't know much about her, but she is amazing so far. She's new, but has a very different style of music than most of what is coming out onto the radio right now. 

Skylar started out going by the name Holly Brook and started signing on with bands such as Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and many others. But she was mostly in the background as a small voice or as the writer. She was never the star and wasn't put in the spotlight. 

In 2011 she changed her name to Skylar Grey and started making more of a name for herself. Slowly, but surely, she started getting more opportunities to sing. The first song she really wrote on her own was "Love the Way You Lie." Bet you didn't know that! The popular song on the radio by Eminem and Rhianna is actually written by this talented artist. 
In my opinion it's way better and sounds much prettier. I love how her music sounds real rather than auto tuned and fake. While I love the song "Call Me Maybe," it isn't the same. It's fun to dance to or sing along with, but it's fake. 

My favorite song of Skylar Grey's is a song called "Invisible." It's about how no matter what she does, she always feels invisible. A lot of it I can actually relate to and it is a really powerful song. It's something I think a lot of people can relate to at some point in their lives. The songs a little sad though, so keep that in mind when you watch the video. It's good but kinda sad.
Skylar Grey may not be the next big thing and she may not be the most mainstream artist, but her voice is beautiful and her songs are really powerful. You all should look her up on iTunes or even YouTube. She is amazing and one of my new favorite artists. 

Sweet Daydreams, 
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