Super Song Sundays: The Veronicas

Hey everyone! Who's ready to go back to school? I don't know about you guys but I only have a week left and for some strange reason I'm excited to go back to school! So this week I'm super excited to tell you guys about my favorite band: THE VERONICAS.

Aren't they gorgeous? Anyways a little info on them.

The Veronicas are a rock band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1999 by twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. In addition to music, the sisters market their own line of clothing which debuted in 2007. They have three albums, The Secret Life Of..., Hook Me Up, and their newest album Life On Mars. 

I love the story of their band name. You can read the full story (and other things about them) here

Their first album, The Secret Life Of... is an awesome album that came out in 2005 when the girls were about 21. It featured the song 4ever which is shown below. 

These girls have been my favorite band since I was about 10 years old and I absolutely love their style of music. Above all though, the reason I adore their music is their voices. If you ever get the chance to hear them live, you will be even more amazed then when you hear hem recorded. Their voices are... oh gosh amazing. The notes they manage to hit (or scream sometimes) are amazing. Especially in the song Take Me On The Floor which is the video posted below. (Warning: it does say B**** and "I wanna kiss a girl" in it)
Does her voice not give you chills? Jess's scream thing that just amazes me. And Lisa's voice is great too. So their new album, Life On Mars, has not come to the USA yet. I don't even think it has come out in Australia. But their new song is on YouTube even though you are unable to buy it on iTunes yet (grr).So here's a preview of their new album! 
I seriously could sit here and gush over them all day but this is a long enough post as is. So look them up, love them like I do, and enjoy!
Sweet Daydreams,

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