The Wolfman Review...Finally!

After begging, pleading, and a bit of tearing up...I finally got to see The Wolfman. Yes, I am a girl but I have a HUGE obsession with werewolf movies. Once I got to the theater, I was incredibly excited and now I'm glad to give my feedback. I didn't do it in my regular form with the plot and my review over the acting because I also did a review for my journalism class and decided to go ahead and use the same one. You still get the jest of what I'm saying but less funny than what I usually have (I hope) and is constructed differently.
The Wolfman is a remake of the 1941 version, The Wolf Man. Even though the cast is filled with award winners (like the old one), the amazing movie was done adequately.

The Wolfman is about a Shakespearean actor, Lawrence Tabolt (Benicio Del Toro), who goes back to his ancestral home to go to his brother’s funeral. His brother, played by Simon Merrells, was found torn to pieces by what some of the villagers call a “beast”. Lawrence is determined to find who…or what killed his brother. Lawrence befriends his estranged father, Sir John Tabolt (Anthony Hopkins), and his brother’s fiancĂ©e, Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt) to get as much information and answers as he can. His search leads him to a gypsy camp where after trying to save a boy from a “beast”, werewolf for us in the theater, he is bitten. He becomes a werewolf himself and begins to reek mayhem and kill villagers in little, old Blackmoor.
After viewing the 1941 version and being excited to see a remake done with amazing visual effects and an award-winning cast, I was slightly disappointed. The effects were amazing and seemed realistic but the movie seems to have been over edited. You could not sympathize or know the characters or get in depth into some of their personal lives. After seeing Lawrence as the main character, I expect to empathize with him and side with him, no matter how bad he gets. I didn’t get to experience that. It seems as though the movie ran by too quick and hurried to jump to him being turned into a werewolf.
Del Toro played his character flat even though Lawrence is supposed to be an actor. Hopkins gives an amazing performance, as always, but is a role I have personally seen him play one too many times. Blunt does an amazing performance with such a small role to play, but Gwen seems to be unnecessary to the movie anyways.
Even with the okay acting from the cast, the scenery was amazingly beautiful and the effects were incredible. Johnston chose his stage very well and came out with a great piece to show us at the end.
In a small sum, go out and see the movie. The acting is alright and the Gothic setting is amazing but the gasp-worthy moments are the reason to see it. The movie does have a nice, deep plot but we never got to go into it. The Wolfman is incredible but could have been done better.

I give the movie 3 1/2 out of 4 nail polishes for the amazing effects, okay acting, and amazing setting. The acting was okay and the plot never went indepth as I wanted it to, so it loses it's full four!
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Tales of an Urban Werewolf: Book 3, Leader of the Pack--Chapters 20-43

I took this weekend to read the rest of this book and was extremely excited and hopeful for a fourth book in the series!

After telling Heath that she was a werewolf, Sophie left her office to meet up with Tom to go to the Howl to see what the verdic of her father, Luc Garou, would be. Tom comes over to pick her up and even though Sophie is self-concious, Tom says she looks amazing! Hidden desire, I can smell it! When Sophie has to go to the bathroom at the Howl, she retreats to a house that looks like a barn and walks into the bathroom where she starts hearing Boris and Dudley, Elena's henchmen, talk about Luc being framed. WHen Elena enters her house, she cataches Sophie on the toilet and quickly closes the door. Sophie, pretending to be a Swedish werewolf named Inga from Minnesota, says she wasn't listening and just needed to go to the bathroom when Elena questions her. Sophie is almost caught because she did not take a pill that hides her scent but Tom quickly saves her and takes her into the trees so they can talk in private. While Sophie tells Tom of what she heard, a thick tree branch cracks and almost smashes them. Once the meeting begins, matings and alpha positions, Elena's mostly, are presented and after is pack alliances. Before they convict three werewolves how have been murdering humans of being guilty and bring out Luc. Jean-Louis, the alpha for the Louisiana pack, tells Wolfgang that he will not ally with them until they kill Luc. Once Tom and Sophie leave the Howl to go to Georges', a friend who could help Luc, hotel room. When Sophie goes to his room, with Tom in the lobby, Sophie is attacked by two werewolves who smell like pleather. It is Boris and Dudley. She turns into a wolf and starts to fight back, Tom turns into one too and helps Sophie. When Tom and Sophie knock the "pleather boys" out, they take them into Georges' hotel bathroom and find Georges is dead. After handling the hotel staff, flirting, and waking up one of the pleather boys, Boris tells Sophie and Tom that Elena would take over the Houston pack once she was co-alpha with the help of the Louisiana pack. She would have Wolfgang "taken care of" and have Grenier, the man who Luc was accused of killing, as her co-alpha. After telling Boris to take care of cleaning up and to take the stand for Luc, Tom and Sophie leave to go to her mom's spell shop, Sit A Spell. Tom and Sophie talk alone and Tom tells her that he felt something when they first met in her mother's shop. He countersback with his comment by saying it doesn't matter because he is with Lindsey and she is with Mark. While Sophie waits for Mark to come see her so they can try to bust out her dad, she trys looking up Ashmodei in one of her mother's books. She comes up with nothing until her mom looks up a different form of the word and reads the description. Ashmodei is the demon of lust, Sophie puts two and two together and fins out that Mark is a demon. Sophie's mom gives her a bag of salt to help fend off Mark is he tries and attack her. Once she meets Mark, they get their mack on and Sophie finally asks Mark why he is so protective of her and what he is. When she questions him about why he's jealous of Tom and not Heath, he tells her that he had another demon, Lillith, distract Heath as a woman named Miranda. Once they get to the garden cottage, Mark tells Sophie that she has to chose if she doesn't want her father broken out or if she does, she will have to become Mark's follower and only submit to him. She declines and fends him off with the bag of salt. When Sophie tries to break her father out, he tells her to leave him before they kill her to, she reluctantly leaves and goes back to her mother's shop. At the office the next day, Heath asks Sophie if there is any way he can go to the Howl to defend her father. She mentions that the only way is if he's a werewolf. Lindsey comes up with an idea to let Sophie turn him into a werewolf and if he likes it he can stay as one and if he doesn't Tom can turn him back into a human. Sophie sadly agrees and has her blood drawn and puts it into Heath. He is turned into a werewolf and lindsey looks at the extra syringes sadly. Sophie waves her off and tells her she can, Lindsey quickly turns herself into a werewolf as well. Sophie tells Heath about Miranda being a demon and he says that he broke up with her anyways. At the trial, Tom steps up to the stand where Meath is Luc's lawyer. Tom tells everything Boris had said to him and Sophie because Boris was nowhere to be found at the trial. Once Tom is done, he threatens Wolfgang that if he doesn't leave Luc off, he will feel the wrath of the gods. After the threat, Luc challenges Wolfgang to a fight that if he wins, he is innocent. As the two of them fight (in wolf form), Sophie sees Mark in the bushes. Tom tells Mark to go away and Sophie declines again Mark's offer. Luc wins the fight and kills Wolfgang by ripping out his throat. Once Luc says that Sophie will become alpha of the Houston pack because he is already the alpha of the Paris pack, Elena attacks Sophie. Sophie struggles but quickly rips out her throat out as well. When Sophie wakes up in her old teenage bed at her mom's shop, Tom kisses her before leaving and learns that Lindsey and Heath are together, and still werewolves. Am I the only one that saw that coming? When her mother comes in, she wants to try to get Mark's ring off but quickly discovers that it isn't there anymore. They all go back to where the Howl was at and try to look for Mark's ring. They come up with nothing and Tom and Sophie walk back to their car where Sophie quickly asks Tom if he could be her co-alpha. He says it is a definite maybe. Sophie has quit her job to become the alpha. The book leaves off with Sophie waking up in Tom's arms and goes to the bathroom because she feels a presence. She finds Mark's ring on the counter and wants to flush it but reluctantly folds it up into a washcloth and puts it away and heads back to bed...and Tom.

I've checked out the author's website and saw that all the information is not updated, so I don't know if there will be a fourth book in the series but hopefully some news will come up!

I give this book four nail polishes with the twist and turns and the all out cliffhanger at the end!
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Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Episode 14 "Fool Me Once"

After waiting a long week for Thursday to come. My mouth is still hanging open with the new episode date. March 25th? Really, CW? But, after long gasping and widening eyes, I have finally calmed down to give you guys a recap.

As you know, last week's episode ended with Stefan walking into Elena's bedroom with the window curtains blowing and Elena no where to be found.

The Beginning
Elena wakes up in a hotel room with the hot but meanie Ben. She tries to escape but once she gets the doorknob lock unlocked he is behind her. He tries to compel her to step away from the door but Elena is wearing vervain. She tricks him for a minute and once she gets the door open, Anna is infront of the door. Elena steps back from Anna and after Anna's verbal hits to Ben, he throws Elena into the hotel bathroom. Elena sees Boonie in the bathtub and wakes her up with cold water. Once she is awake, Elena tells her that Ben only wanted her to open the tomb but she counters back by saying she will not go out like a punk. Ben comes into the bathroom and tells Bonnie that it's leverage to see Elena there to get her to open the tomb...oh, and that she shouldn't be so desperate. Jerk. Ben tells Elena that Anna wants to see her, Anna tells her that she wants to make a deal with Damon and Stefan to help work together to get the tomb open, or she will kill Elena.
Meanwhile, Stefan tells Damon that Elena's gone. After a slow convo, Damon sayd he jopes Elena will die. I don't believe it one bit Damon!
Jeremey overhears Tyler and Matt talk about a party a guy named Duke is throwing. When Jeremy opens his mouth, Tyler tells him to butt out. Caroline enters the Grill and gives a speech (she does that a lot in this episode, which ticks me off) to Matt about an "escape clause" because she doesn't want to get hurt by him, he declines it.
Then Damon is being such a big jerk when he goes to Gram's and asks to speak with Bonnie. When she declines, he gets arrogant and tells her to step outside and say that. She gets her mojo on and makes him drop to his knees in agony, she then steps out and tells him off before closing the door. You go, Grams!

Anna's New Plan
Anna reveals to Elena that her mother, Pearl, is stuck in the tomb as well. She then calls Stefan on Elena's phone where she makes demands to meet in the town's square to talk business. At the Salvatores, Damon taunts Stefan by claiming he doesn't care. Back at the hotel room, Anna leaves and tells Ben to watch his charges this time. Ben, being an idiot, underestimates the girls again. Bonnie tries another escape attempt that involves water, which she douses Ben with and sets him on fire. The girls make a run for it, but Ben recovers fast enough to grab Elena, forcing Bonnie back into the hotel room. While walking to the rendezvous point, Anna runs into Jeremy who reveals that he wants to take her to the party. This throws Anna off, but the party location which changes her mind. Right near the entrance of the tomb beside Old Fell's Church. After Jeremy leaves, Damon shows up beside Anna and the two talk business. Anna claims that she will kill Elena if she doesn't get what she wants. She tells Damon the time and the place of for the opening and leaves. At the hotel, Ben runs his mouth some more when Stefan bursts in and saves the girls. Ben cowers from the sunlight before Stefan, who tells the fresh fledgling that he better hit the road or its curtains for his short life as a vampire.The trio heads to Grams, who bonds with her granddaughter before they make plans. Stefan wants Grams and Bonnie to stay home, but Grams says forget that, she wants in on the action. Elena feels that they should help Damon to help stop the madness. Grams chimes in that she will open the tomb, but they will have to burn the place after Damon gets Katherine out. Stefan doesn't think Damon will fall for the ruse again, but Elena says that Damon is only hurt and that she has a plan. Meanwhile, Anna returns to find Ben, idiot, with Elena and Bonnie gone and comes up with another plan. Elena finds Damon and tries to reason with him on the level of protection for those they love. Damon declares a "fool me once" motif, which Elena claims that the two of them have an understanding, especially after their trip to Atlanta where Damon didn't compel her. She promises that she will help him get Katherine back, but Damon doesn't believe her. Elena then takes off her vervain necklace to prove her promise. Damon sees this and accepts her plan, revealing that he didn't compel her because she was having fun and that he wanted that to be real. Am I sensing supressed love? I think I am!

Partying It UpAs Elena and Damon show up at the party, Matt and Caroline approach them and Caroline makes it a point to grab Matt's hand, which startles Matt and shocks Elena. After Damon rudely talks down to the new lovebirds, he drags Elena off, with Matt ready to pounce. At the tomb, Stefan and the Bennett women wait for Elena and Damon. Stefan reveals his makeshift flamethrower, while Damon and Elena arrive. At the party, Tyler tries to score weed off of Jeremy, who calls Tyler out for his hypocrisy. Tyler doesn't have time for Jeremy's mouth and berates him for being friendless. This is the perfect opportunity for Anna to show up, who promptly takes him for a walk into the woods. When they get to a secluded place, Anna works on Jeremy, who wants Anna to be his girl. She drops the bomb that she and her mom are leaving town. Jeremy leans in for a goodbye kiss, which forces Anna to vamp out. Jeremy spots it this time, but before he can react, Ben knocks him out from behind. Anna tells Ben to pick Jeremy up for her mother. Tyler finds Matt, who is moping about going public with Caroline. Caroline shows up and gives another speech. Starting to really tick me off about these speeches, Caroline! The act wasn't to show off to Elena, but to show Damon (who we all know could care less) that she was with a good guy for once. Matt is relieved as is Caroline. So, togehter or not??? YOu keep messing with my head, Caroline and Matt. Pick already! At the entrance of the tomb, the group gets ready to do the deed. Damon reveals a pack of blood he swiped for Katherine. The Bennett women start to work their magic and the door opens to everyone's astonishment sans Grams. Damon asks Stefan for fire, which Stefan runs to retrieve. Damon, seeing an opportunity, then tells Elena to come with him as leverage that the Bennett women won't lock him in with the rest of the vamps. Elena reluctantly goes in while Grams and Bonnie watch in powerless horror.

Let The Games Begin!
Stefan meets Ben and Anna outside who have Jeremy as a hostage. Anna says that either Stefan can stop her or Ben from killing Jeremy. Stefan lets Anna pass. When Anna reaches the tomb, Bonnie tries to stop her from going in, but Grams holds her back. While Anna disappears inside the darkness of hellish tomb, Bonnie asks Grams why the hell she let her go through. Grams replies that Anna, nor Damon, are coming back out. Excuse me, Grams, please repeat that for me! My hot but careless Damon isn't coming out! No way! Stefan talks to Ben about the fresh vamp's stupidity. Then when Ben tries Stefan, he flames his butt with the blowtorch. Thank you! While inside the tomb, Damon leaves Elena to fend for herself. Really, Damon? Way to care! There are a lot of half dead vamps there and they are too weak to move, but I would still be one scared S.O.B. While Elena fumbles in the dark, she bumps into Anna.

I Can't Believe It Hurt This...Bad
Stefan comes back down the tomb and runs for the door after finding out Damon took Elena with him. Grams stops him and reveals the true power of the seal spell, which means that vamps can enter, but they can't get out. Stefan deduces that only Elena can get out, which Grams says is all that matters. Well, I know Damon's mean, Grams, but the dude's hot! Let him out! Anna spots Pearl and attacks Elena, because she made a promise that it would be Gilbert blood that would wake her mother. Stefan hears Elena's scream and runs into the tomb! Grams says good riddance, but Bonnie says otherwise and wants to do the spell to drop the seal. Grams declares that they aren't strong enough, but Bonnie says that many things can fuel a witches power and that if Grams doesn't help her then she will do it herself. Stefan comes and rescues Elena, sending her to the opening. Elena finds out once she gets to the opening that the stakes have been raised. Bonnie and Grams say that if they can open the seal it won't stay open for long. Stefan goes to retrieve his brother. But Damon has made a grisly discovery. Katherine is Not. In. The. Tomb!!! In a fit of rage, he throws the blood pack against the wall where it shatters and blood goes everywhere. Poor Damon, his heart is broken...again! While the Bennett women hold the seal open, Anna and Pearl escape. Anna calls a truce to Elena and walks her mother out the tomb. Elena runs back in for the Salvatore brothers. While Damon is being unreasonable, Elena comes in and pleads for Damon to snap out of it and get out of there. They make it out, but the spell drains Bonnie and Grams. We are suddenly back to the Caroline and Matt bit (give me tomb, I don't care about human love right now!), which involves Matt asking Caroline if she is being real by being honest and stuff I could careless about right now. Caroline says that she is just protecting her feelings and doesn't want to mess anything up. Matt concurs that he feels the same way. They kiss and make up. For now. What the crap! We could of waited towards the end for this or earlier when we actually cared! Elena and Stefan tend to Jeremy, but Elena sees how hurt Damon is and she gives him a hug, saying that she's sorry. Damon, love Elena already! Gosh!

Back at the Bennetts, Gram stumbles, which worries Bonnie. But Grams says she's fine. Not good. Elena talks to Jeremy at home to see if he remembered anything, which he says he doesn't. Elena leaves him for Bonnie's, but it turns out that Jeremy did remember everything since he immediately starts his search for vampires on the Internet. Why can't the boy let it go? Anna brings Pearl back to the hotel room where Damon waits, pissed. He immediately lights into Anna for knowing the entire time that Katherine wasn't in the tomb and grabs Pearl by the neck, asking her why does she get happiness in the end and he doesn't. But Pearl reveals that Katherine, a woman we all hate now, had all of the men in town under her spell. One of those men was a guard, who wanted Katherine to turn him in order for her escape. He let her go. Say what! Then to drive the stake home, Anna adds that the last time she saw Katherine was in Chicago in 1983 and that Katherine knew Damon's whereabouts the entire time. She just didn't care to call him up for a run on the town. Katherine really sucks right now. After this revelation, Damon can't do anything, but walk out the hotel room in stunned shock. It'll be okay, Damon! Elena calls Stefan to say she made it to Bonnie's okay, but she asks if Damon is okay. Stefan says he will call her back as he goes and sits with his brother in silence. Brotherly moment! Good job, Stef!
Did you really think this is the ending?! Well, it's not!
Bonnie enters Grams' room to say goodnight and to tuck her in, but she finds Grams is not breathing!!!!! She screams (and me along with my other Vampire Diaries fan friends gasp!) and Elena comes running, but there is nothing she can do but call the medics. Bonnie, sobbing profusely, screams for Grams to wake up while looking through the spell book to "fix this". (While we sit and tell ourselves we won't cry!) But we all know it's too late. Grams, we love you, girl!
Oh and the last scene of this chapter involves the vampires in the tomb awakening to the busted blood pack and opening the tomb, which is no longer sealed. And their hungry…

Um, awesome! This week's episode was awesome! Even though I had to turn back and forth between this and the first episode of Survivor. Go Heroes! Sadly, we have to wait to see a new episode of VD and see if Damon and Elena get their mack on! Dang!
So, tell me what you thought and your reactions. Also, tell me what you expect on March 25th's episode!
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Tales of an Urban Werewolf: Leader of the Pack, Book 3--Chapters 6-19

After reading the first few chapters, I decided to read a tad more so I can post again with a better chunk of the book done. A tad of the book for me was pages 47-166. So, here it goes. After reading about Sophie talking with her dad in the "garden cottage", the sixth chapter has Elena being the person who makes her way in to the cottage and kick Mark, Sophie, and Tom out. Sophie wants to talk with Wolfgang to see if there's anyway of getting her dad off deathrow. Obviously, that isn't the case seeing how it was talked about way too early. She leaves the Howl angry because of her father's attitude and Wolfgang's rejection. She decides to go undercover to see if there might have been another suspect that could have killed Charles. She dyes her hair black with temporary dye and becomes a Swedish werewolf from Minnesota named Inga. Sophie and Tom are supposedly together at the Howl because Tom seems to always be with women during the Howl, which opens up curiosity for Sophie. Once they arrive from the Howl, Sophie tries to scope out Charles' widowed lover, Kayla. Tom introduces Sophie to Kayla and leaves them to talk. Sophie tries to act innocent as though she does not know that Kayla's Charles was murdered and scoop out information. Sophie does slip up with her "life" but gets out of it without any questioning from anyone. After talking with a guy named Anthony and Kayla, she still comes up with the same conclusion: her father's guilty. Tom and her brief information with one another while going to the "changing tents", where werewolves transform and get ready for the hunt. When Sophie trnasforms, because of the hair dye, she comes out with a big tuft of black hair on the top of her head. Soon the hunt starts and Sophie does a little hunting before coming upon the "cottage" and transform to talk to her father. The door is locked with no guards around, so she climbs through a window to get into the "cottage". Her father is still tied up and still jokes about Sophie's appearance. After jokes, Sophie and Luc talk about why he had a scratch on his face when he entered the restaurant the other night. Luc counters back, by telling the truth, saying that he ran into Charles completely by coincidence and Charles got a good hit on him. He says he surely wouldn't let a blow like that go without respond, once Sophie asks, he says that he gave Charles a couple blows before moving on. Sophie and hium go through the night and Luc mentions that Charles smelled like he just...well, you understand. Sophie gets the idea of a jealous lover for the murderer. After Luc tries to persuade Sophie to take over the Houston pack and why he abandoned Sophie and her mother, Sophie slips out of the window. She hurries to transform and runs across a deer, she attacks along with two other werewolves, Elena and Wolfgang. The two of them walk away with their noses in the air. Tom is surely disappointed and brings Sophie back home. He tells her he will try and fix it tomorrow and call ehr if anything happens. The next day at her office, she runs into Georges, a very close friend to Luc. She doesn't tell him what's going on but gives him a very vague reason as to why he is at the Howl, she promises to meet him later and talk. That night, Sophie has a date with Mark at the same place where Luc and her had dinner before. She doesn't like it but endures it for Mark's sake. Soon Tom calls with news, they both agree to meet back at her apartment in an hour. Mark and her head to her apartment where they are alone for a few minutes before Tom gets to the door. His leg is torn up with gravel stick into it. His clothes are ripped every which way from his motorcycle getting into a said "oil slick". He asks to go to the bathroom to clean himself off and for pills and scotch. While Sophie tends to him, Mark stands idly by, not even caring. Once Sophie and Mark are alone, Mark does some sort of magic and tells her to call him, Ash, after she asked if they could be romantic another time. They speak the full name, Ashmodei, and kiss passionately before Mark leaves Sophie by saying "I will accede your request but remember that you belong to me." It would have been romantic if it wasn't for Sophie's ring heating up and the small blue flame in his eyes. (He's getting a little creepy to me.) When Tom emerges from the bathroom, Sophie and him have a discussion about his past life. He mentions of an old lover, Beate, from Norway that ended up with his brother and how he stepped down from becoming Aplha because one) he didn't want the title and 2) because he did not want to kill his brother. He also mentions that his grudge with the Garous is that Sophie's uncle had killed his sister a long time ago. After a few intense gazes and a hint of interest in Sophie, Tom leaves to go home after giving Sophie the werewolf code intitled Codex Werwolfarius. Sophie is left with only a couple days instead of a week to help get her father out of his sentence. The next day, while Lindsey and Sophie talk about the book and the trial, Heath (Sophie's ex) barges into her office. He demands an explanation of the trial and how he is concerned about her. When Heath sees the book laying in Lindsey's lap, he snatches it and flips through it. After a few uneasy questions, Sophie comes out and tells Heath that her father's a werewolf. He puts two and two together and sees that Sophie is a werewolf too. Sophie gives the lowdown on what's happening and Heath and Lindsey ask to have a copy of the Code. When Sophie agrees to get the copies, Heath tells her that after the trial, he helps them with because he is an attorney, he tells her they will defintely talk about this new discovery. The chapter leaves off with Sophie closing the door on Heath and Lindsey.

Love the book so far, which it didn't move so fast with all this information, but a great read so far. I'll read more and keep you all updated.
You can buy the book here.
Visit the author's website.
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Tales of an Urban Werewolf, Book 3: Leader of the Pack--Chapters 1-5

Okay, so after thorough searching and being in the library for weeks, I finally found the third installment to the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series. I was super excited once I found MacInerney on the shelf!
So in addition to not growing up in a pack, Sophie's natural talent of shielding herself has enabled her live right under the noses of the Houston pack of werewolves for most of her natural life. This has come with its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage being that when she is finally discovered by a rogue packette, and a werewolf enforcer, she is thrust into a series of events that she won't be able to wiggle out of.

Leader of the Pack is the third in this urban werewolf series and usually in the third book there is a big payoff. In On the Prowl, readers were left off with wondering exactly who and what Mark was. Was he some type of demon or spirit? Perhaps both. Wondering if Tom Fenris and Sophie were ever going to make a love connection. Wondering if the mission she completed would get her out of owing any allegiance to the Houston pack.
We see more development in Mark, Tom, Lindsey's and Heath's character and overall that makes them more interesting in relation to Sophie. And the introduction of Sophie's absent father who is now on trial by the Houston pack plunges her and her friends into new territory of pack politics and a battle for succession, which has a surprisingly satisfying ending.
Courtsey of Amazon.

The first five chapters of the book seemed somewhat rushed to me. One minute Sophie's reviewing what happened in her past (the second book of ther series) to another she already met her dad! I think MacInerney really rushed into having us meet Sophie's dad, Luc Garou! Frnech name, and by the description, he seems sexy! (Immortality, peeps!) But, I did really like Sophie and Mark's relationship. Mark is really protective to Sophie, which I don't know what Sophie's complaining about, and they're getting their mack on! But, I don't understand, you sleep with someone who you don't even know what they are but you don't like when they get protective over you? That seems a little stupid seeing as how he's dating you and he's a guy! Of course, he's going to be protective over you because he must really care about you! And, when Mark says that Sophie's his, that's so romantic but I don't get why Sophie finds that weird. I mean, yes, they are just now starting to date but you slept with the guy and took a ring from him and say what weird creature he was. I would say that you guys are past the first few stages of the relationship. Meeting Luc Garou was awesome, he is said to has red hair that's kind of like Shane Brolly's hair in Underworld. He has the golden eyes and is very tall. He is said to be a ladies' man, charming, and extremely handsome. When Sophie is at a romantic date with Mark, Lindsey (Sophie's best friend) calls Sophie about her dad being accused of murder at the Howl, a gathering of werewolves. I liked the ending of the chapter with the sudden gasp from Lindsey's news. Great first chapters of the book though, can't wait for more. I'm on the seventh chapter so I'll be updating periodically.
If you want to buy the book, click here!
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'I Love Your Blog' Award! February's Winner...Indy Twilighter!

This month's winner of the 'I Love Your Blog' Award is my great friends over at Indy Twilighter! The first time I ever came upon their blog was a few months back when I decided I would look for any Twilight fansites in Indy and typed it into Google. I came upon their's and clicked on it. Soon I was buzzing around on their and had to become affiliates with them back when I had my old blog called Forbidden Fruit. After affiliating with them and moving to a new blog, we still remained great affiliates. The first thing I fell in love with was their awesome banner and the fact they were from Indy. But, once I met all the girls at the blog, I loved all of them. They were funny and a delight to talk to. I was so glad once we became affiliates because now I had TwiHard affiliates that live...moderately close to me. : ) So, I am very proud to give them this month's award because these girls deserve it. They are all a bowl full of fun and I hope we all can meet up for the Eclipse premiere. (If you guys need any help with rasing money for your next charity, I have plenty of resources to donating a lot of $$$!) I love every part of their blog and their lovely personalities! Here's to you ladies, you deserve it! I did a Q&A with administrator to the blog, Andrea, her answers are down below!

How did you start your blog?
The blog was started in Feb of 2009...back then it was more of a personal online journalor scrapbook meant solely for me to write about Twilight. That didn't last long and as I started to actually attend Twilight events, etc so I decided to turn it into a site for all fans in June of 2009, where Twi fans could read Twilight related news of ANY kind. I wasn't alone in starting the blog Amy, a friend and fellow Twihard was my partner in crime on all of the crazy Twi adventures (which included a visit to the New Moon sets) in July we welcomed another staffer on board, Mary, she doesn't post on the blog but helps out at event we plan and often attends conventions with us. Additionally, just this January, we welcomed another member onto our staff, Stephanie. While I'm the administrator of the blog it wold be impossible for The Indy Twilghter Blog to function without all of us. Amy and Stephanie do such a great job helping keep the blog updated.

What is it about your blog that is unique?
Our blog really likes to interact with our followers both on the blog and Twitter. If you follow the blog and have a blog of your own (regardless if it's Twilight related) we follow back, if you follow us on Twitter, again, we follow you back. When The Indy Twilighter Blog does it's Follow Fridays on Twitter...we do a follow friday for ALL of our followers.

Where do you want to be with your blog in about three months?
Hmmm...that's kind of a tough one, when the Blog was started I never expected to meet some of the incredible people that I have and do some of things I've been fortunate enough to do, so I really don't have any expectations. Each month I'm suprised with something new so I'm just hanging on and enjoying the ride

Where do you get your update information and so on?
A lot of us use Google the info comes to us via email and if it's something we feel fans need to know or would want to know we research it and see if it's valid and post it accordingly. We also travel a lot to conventions, and concerts, related Twilight and report on them.

Can people contribute to your blog?
Yes, we're always looking for new posters to the blog. You don't have to have any experience...just a love for Twilight. We're really interested in finding some male Twilight fans that would want to post as well.
   -If so, how?
Anyone who's interested, can go to the blog, there you can find info on what you'd be doing as a blogger for us and contact info for me. Don't be shy, if you're interested let me know.

What blog/topic/idea/person/etc inspired you to make this blog?
The Twilight fandom inspired me to create the blog. We all here at the blog love meeting new fans and have made some really great friends.

How does Indiana compare to Twilight's Forks?
Well Indiana's weather is definitely very different from Forks and I've yet to meet any hot Vampires or teen boys who can shape shift into a wolf...but the two do have some similarities...Indiana has tons of small towns where everybody knows everybody, Indiana is also late to catch up on trends in fashion, music, etc.

Why did you chose Twilight to blog about?
I've never been so fanatical about anything before in my life. After reading the series I wanted more, wanted to talk about it, read about it, so I created the blog and I'm glad that it's also provided others with an outlet for their love of Twilight.

Will you be doing anything special for when Eclipse comes out?
The Blog held a Premiere party for New Moon...we raised money and donated it to the Susan G. Komen Brest Cancer Foundation. The people at the theatre had a blast and so did we, the people from Susan G Komen attended and were there to accept the money we had was pretty emotional. So, yes we will be doing another premiere party for Eclipse and will work in a way to help a local charity again as well. My camera was stolen at our premiere party so I have NO pictures from the event, which is my only regret from our New Moon premiere party.

How is it blogging for the Examiner?
Writing for the Examiner is a lot of fun. It does come with a bit more responsibility, but I get to write about celebrities and entertainment, which are two topics that have always interested me.

What do you want to say to other TwiHards out there?
Don't be afraid to stop by the blog and comment on posts that interest you or talk to us on twitter, we love meeting new fans!!

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming bloggers?
Running a blog is very time consuming, but the more effort and time you put into it the more you and your readers will gain.

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Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Episode 13 "Children of the Damned"

This week's episode was very awesome and very...helpful?
The beginning started off with our lovely Elena (love her now!) and Stefan waking up in bed together. (Did something happen??? Seriously???) I didn't particular fall in love with Stefan's tattoo, not a big fan of them so I didn't liek that one. Including on him, why fix a masterpiece?? Anyways, it goes on to see Damon into the room and Elena tells him to leave. He objects by saying "If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." I laughed out loud to this! Damon and Sefan continue to talk about finding the tomb and that's where the flashbacks (for us) start!
Obviously it flashes to Katherine and the day her and 26 other vampires were put into the tomb. It shows human Damon kissing Katherine after she just fed and had blood on her lips. Let me repeat that, she still had BLOOD on her LIPS! Can we all say ewww!? To me, Damon was very gentle and lovetorn with Katherine but it didn't seem like Katherine felt the same way. I actually felt bad for him because of the fact he would be turned with no mate to be with. Stefan makes me confused. If he loved Katherine than why did he follow his dad than help out with his brother to hide Katherine and her family? He seemed to angry with the whole "Let the vamires die!" thing. Also, I loved how his dad slipped the Vervain in his drink before Stefan let Katherine drink from him, it seemed too coincidental though.
And, what about that Anna?! I couldn't believe that Anna was from that time, I guess I should have assumed since she knew her but still. WOW! I didn't know how Stefan made the connection but whatever.
When the vampires were being taken away, I almost cried. Anna's mother was being taken away from her and Katherine was carried away by police. When the compass directed on Anna's mother, I seriously gasped!
Obviously now we know why Stefan and Damon aren't close anymore and where the book of spells is! Stefan goes to his dad's grave and digs it up with Elena. They find the book and once it is pulled out, Damon is there. Damon asks if Stefan was lying about their truce for the time. Stefan counters back by saying that he wasn't being truceful either since he came here to dig up the book as well. Damon threatens to kill Elena if Stefan doesn't hane over the book, Stefan reluctantly trades off with Damon.
**P.S. When Damon asked Elena honestly, without compulsion, if Stefan was being truceful, I almost melted. You can tell that he is starting to fall for her. And, Alaric was found out by Stefan who got a opy of Gilbert's journal! Stefan told Alaric he would keep Alaric a secret from Damon!**
The episode ends with Elena washing her face in the bathroom. Stefan goes downstairs to get some aspirin for Elena for her headache. He runs into Jeremy who tells Stefan that he invited Anna over. Stefan has a flashback to when Anna's mother is being taken away and gasps. He runs upstairs, vampire speed half way, to see Elena's empty bedrom and the window open with wind blowing in!
Music featured on this episode:
1. Kate Earl – “When You’re Ready” 

2. Surfer Blood – “Floating Vibes”
3. Elefant – “Goodbye”
4. Experimental Aircraft – “Stellar
Loved this episode! Can't wait for next week, tell me what you think and look at these pics below I grabbed from the lovely Vampire Diaries Online

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