'I Love Your Blog' Award March 2010 Winner: Peace. Love. TWLIGHT!

I came upon this blog when I was trying to do my own Twilight blog. Anna had great material, contests, giveaways. and so on. Along with Anna, other contributors give the blog spunk and elegance the Twilight world needs. I love Anna's blog because of the content and the design itself. It's full of butterflies and hearts to give the romantic and free side of our Twilight world. Everything is neat and tidy and each aspect seems to have a meaning of its own. I recently got a Q&A from Anna who is the adminstrator of the blog, here are her answers!:

How did you start your blog?

PLT started very small and it was just a big learning process for me. One day I was surfing through all those fansites that everyone visits and thinking how much more fun and interesting it would be if I did the blogging myself. I'd never blogged before but I thought I would give it a shot! I clearly had no idea how much work and time I was going to have to commit to it.
What is it about your blog that is unique?
Well that's very tough to say, considering there are so very many blogs out there and I'm sure there have been some made that happen to be very similar to mine. However, I do try to put my own personality and spirit into it. And I have some fun features that I try to incorporate in order to make it multi-dimensional. These include giveaways, interviews, fan fiction reviews, fan art reviews, etc.
How did you come up with Peace. Love. TWILIGHT!?
The idea kind of just dawned on me one day. I don't even know if I'm satisfied with the title but I've gotten used to it by now. I just wanted a place where I could express my love of Twilight with the world freely, seeing as most of my friends and family absolutely hate it. Creating PLT just seemed like the right way to do it.
Where do you want to be with your blog in about three months?
You know, I'm not quite too sure. I'm not planning on making any big changes anytime soon, so I suppose I would be quite happy to see it as bustling with activity and visitors as usual!
Where do you get your update information and so on?
Some news sources email things they'd like me to post. Fans also send in news tips. Other than that, I get my news from big media sources such as online magazines and newspapers and, if necessary, other fan sites (giving all due credit of course).
Can people contribute to your blog?
-If so, how?
We are always open to hiring volunteers to post news, editorials, reviews, etc. That would be the biggest help an individual could give! But of course we understand that not everyone has the time necessary to contribute to a blog on a frequent basis. So we are also very excited when fans take the time to send in news that we haven't posted or something Twilight-related that they found interesting and wanted to share with us. Anyone can email their Twilight news, art, video, or whatever really, to peacelovetwilight@gmail.com. We might not post everything but we do read every email and consider what you have sent us for posting on the site.
What blog/topic/idea/person/etc inspired you to make this blog?
Am I allowed to say Twilight itself? Because really that's all it was. I just wanted a place where I could be open with my clear obsession with Twilight.
How has your life changed from Twilight?
Well I would say that the blog has added one more fun thing for me to do at home! Having the blog has given me a lot of valuable experience writing reviews, working with businesses and affiliates, conducting interviews, running contests, and keeping the fans happy! I feel like running PLT has given me a close relationship with my bloggy friends and all of the fans. They respect the blog and its staff and we respect them.
Why did you chose Twilight to blog about?
Twilight is just such a dynamic love story that so many women (and of course some men) can relate to. I'm in love with the series and I can't get enough of Stephenie Meyer, her characters, and the actors who play them in the movies. I knew Twilight has a very large fan base that would only continue to expand so I thought that a Twilight blog would be appealing to many people of all ages.
Will you be doing anything special for when Eclipse comes out?
I will hopefully be attending the midnight release. Probably holding a couple of giveaways/contests on the site. If you do go to the release, we encourage you to send in pictures that we will post for you on PLT!
What kind of videos do you post on your YouTube account?
I am still in the process of deciding, actually. I haven't really gotten it started yet. I'd like some fan input on whether we should do scripted videos, vlogs, music videos, or...I don't know! We'd really just like your ideas.
What do you want to say to other TwiHards out there?
Go ahead - feed your obsession! Just don't let it take over your entire life, that's where it becomes unhealthy. If you feel like you're getting too caught up in it, take a breather! Read something other than one of the Twilight Saga books and just relax. You can be passionate about it without it dominating everything you do.
Do you have any tips for up-and-coming bloggers?
Communication is the most essential part of successful blogging! Make sure you communicate well with your fans- don't ignore their needs- with your staff, and with the affiliates, journalists, companies, interviewees, etc. you work with. And don't let yourself commit yourself to more than you actually have time for. This has happened to me too many times and it hurts to let your blogging associates and fans down!

You can visit Anna's blog over at Peace. Love. TWILIGHT!
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