Beth Fantaskey Interview

I truly have nothing to really put on here today because of my CAH-razy schedule this week! (Finals are draining me!) So, in this case, I will gladly put up my interview with Beth Fnataskey who wrote the wonderful book, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and the newly released Jekel Loves Hyde.
I recently did an interview with one of my favorite authors, Beth Fantaskey! She gladly responded to my E-mail and answered my questions! This is a new thing I will have going on with my blog where I will interview an author every month and post it on this page! I'm so glad Beth is my first author! Thanks, Beth!

Why did you decide to become an author?
I’ve always made my living as a writer, first as a political speechwriter and then as a journalist. I think almost everybody who writes professionally thinks a novel is the ultimate career achievement, and after nearly twenty years of writing magazines articles and other non-fiction works, I also wanted to try to attain that next goal. And when I came up with a story I really wanted to tell, I went for it!

What sparked the idea to write a book about the devilishlly handsome Lucius and Jessica?
Jessica’s character came first. I wanted to tell the story of a very rational, math-oriented, adopted girl who discovers that her birth parents were completely irrational – and explore how that changes her world. That led to the creation of Lucius, who serves as the frustratingly desirable link to a family history she’d really rather just forget.
-Are you done with their story?
I’m working on a sequel now, but it’s still too soon to make any promises...
Why did you decide to post the wedding of Lucius and Jessica instead of coming out with a book about it?
There were two reasons. First, I wasn’t sure if I’d write a sequel, and so many readers asked to see Jess and Lucius get married that I wanted to give them a chance to read about the wedding, even if I never wrote another complete book. Beyond that, I wanted the wedding to be interactive, so readers could help plan the ceremony and actively take part in Jess and Lucius’s “event.” Doing everything on-line gave me the flexibility to do that. Readers could vote on Jess’s dress – and a few days later, I could let them read a scene in which the dress appears. A book takes at least a year to produce and wouldn’t have allowed for that.

Please tell the readers about your new book, Jekel Loves Hyde.
It’s the story of two teenagers who share a puzzling, possibly deadly, connection to the old novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As Jill and Tristen work to solve the riddle, they become more attracted – and more dangerous – to one another. It’s a romance with a mysterious, sometimes murderous, edge.

Why did you choose Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde as subjects for your next book?
I think most people have a “dark side” that emerges now and then, to different degrees. In the original Jekyll-Hyde story, Dr. Jekyll completely loses control to his evil alter ego when he drinks a chemical potion. I thought it would be really interesting to set that in the modern day and see what happened when a very shy, good girl got hold of a formula that liberated her bad side.

What's different between the two books?
Jekel Loves Hyde is much darker and more introspective than Jessica’s Guide – mainly because the main characters are so different. Jessica Packwood has lived a normal, well-adjusted, happy life, and she has a confident, often sarcastically funny, attitude. Jill Jekel has suffered a lot of tragedy in her young life, and she’s a more serious girl. Only when she drinks the chemical formula does she get wild and sometimes funny – in a biting way.

What kind of books do you think you will write in the future?
Like I noted, right now I’m working on a sequel to Jessica’s Guide... My project after that is still under wraps!

Do you think vampires or werewolves will be in your next books?
There are vampires, of course, in the Jessica’s Guide sequel. But the book I have planned after that will introduce a different kind of paranormal hero...

Who/What is your inspiration usually when it comes to writing?
I’m inspired by the classic authors whom I reference in my books, like Melville, Dickens, the Bronte sisters, and especially Dumas. I am a huge fan of The Count of Monte Cristo. I’m inspired by music, too. I’m always listening to something when I write.

What books have captured your eye recently?
Gosh, the books I read right now probably aren’t of interest to most people. I’ve been working on my doctorate for about six years now, trying to write a dissertation on female reporters of the 1920s and 1930s, so when I read, it’s usually some dusty old history of the Jazz Age!

Just like Jekel and Hyde, do you think you will do any more books that are a sort of remake like with Romiette and Julio being a spin on Romeo & Juliet?
I’m not sure... it depends on whether the right idea struck me!

You recently had a contest, what was that about?
Readers submitted video trailers for Jekel Loves Hyde – and they were amazing. I was blown away. You can check them all out on my website. There are even a few that used live actors! The winning entry is posted first – but they were all fantastic.

What kind of environment do you like when you begin to write?
I always have either a cup of coffee or a diet soda on my desk; my local college radio station, WQSU, playing in the background; and usually my lucky slipper socks on my feet (unless it’s way too hot). That’s my favorite atmosphere for working!

I saw that you like to travel, where was the best place you liked to visit?
I love China. I’ve been there three times, and there’s just something about the whole place that clicks with me. I also love India. It’s so unique and vibrant. Then again, I love Europe... It’s hard to choose!

What would you like to tell your fans and readers?
Thank you to everybody who’s been so supportive of my books and contacted me to let me know. It’s been so great “meeting” so many kind, fun, cool people. I honestly can’t say thanks enough!

You can check out Beth Fantaskey's website or her Twitter! Remeber to go out and buy her new book, Jekel Loves Hyde on May 3rd!
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Vampire Diaries Season 1 Finale Review

So, just a quick recap of what happened on the season finale of the first season of Vampire Diaries.
First off, the episode leads off with a Mystic Falls parade where the Miss Mystic Falls court is there and Jeremy dresses up as a soldier from the "olden" days! Jeremy is still pissed from when Elena had lied to him and even more pissed that Anna is leaving him, with only a bottle of her blood for him to keep. She tells him if he drinks it, if he dies, he'll be brought back to life. He quickly puts it in his drawer and goes to the parade. Elena tries to talk to Jeremy but he quickly turns her down and even says "Go to hell, Elena." Damon doesn't like Jeremy's attitude, so he grabs his arm and tells him not to talk to his older sister that way. Stefan breaks in and tells Damon to let go.
We go to John where he and other cops are planning to get the device working to incapacitate the vampires within a five mile radius. Damon and Alaric team up to try and stop John but that quickly does not work and all the vampires (including Damon, Stefan, and Anna) are incapacitated because of a sound that is given off by the device that only vampires can here. The officers inject the vampires with a shot to paralyze them and take them all down to a basement where John stakes Anna and puts the basement on fire. Stefan tries and saves Damon from the fire as Bonnie helps calm the fire down. Later on, Bonnie tells Stefan that Damon is out of control and needs to stop killing innocent people or if he doesn't, she will not hesistate to kill them both.
Damon tells Jeremy about Anna's death and realizes he wants to be a good person. After having a talk with Jeremy about being lonely and hiding back feelings, he runs into "Elena" and they share a steamy kiss. "Elena" goes inside where she runs into John and kills him before he dies, he recognizes that it is not Elena but Katherine pretending to be Elena. During this time, Jeremy has drunk Anna's blood and took down a whole bottle of aspirin. He lays in bed feeling dizzy. The real Elena enters the household and yells up to Jeremy where he does not answer, she hears something in the kitchen and starts heading in there.
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Vampire Academy Review

Along with reading Twilight Graphic Novel last weekend, I read the first book of Vampire Academy. I read the rest of the books but never got the chance to actually read the first book.
I will say that this was an awesome book! I loved Rose to death, even though I didn't agree with her choices all the time. Richelle did an amazing job with having Lissa progress to this monster throughout the book was great because you don't expect someone that gentle to become that firece. I did love, however, the love between Rose and Dimitri grow, I always wanted them to be together and the way that it progressed to finale in the climax was awesome. Lissa and Christian was a little random but I still loved their budding romance throughout the book.
The climax was a little disappointing but you did get some answers in the book that you've been wanting to know. I wished the climax was a little more action-y but you can't have EVERYTHING!
I loved this book though and I'll give it a 4 out of 4 black nail polishes because I love this series to death and all the characters are absolutely fab-U-lous!
And read the next book in the series, Spirit Bound, click here to check it out!
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Twilight Graphic Novel Review

So, last week I was blessed with a beautiful gift from the Twilight Gods and found this little novel up here ^^ just laying on the shelf like no one wanted it. Except for me! I snatched that thing and read it all that night.

First off, the artistry is AH-mazing! I loved the way they drew Edward and Bella and all of them...however, there was a picture of Alice that made her look like a creeper. It was beautiful though, including when they had the one picture of the beautiful color scheme...can't remember what it was though. I will say that I think it was a TOTAL cop-out when they took actual pictures of things instead of draw them made me laugh even in the serious parts.
I loved the quotes, it seemed some of them were from the movie while others were from the book. They really sumed up each scene. It was weird when they would throw in a "!" and they would seem calm in the picture and then sometimes it would have a "." and then it would look like they're yelling.
I do have one of my favorite scenes in this novel! It's when Edward picks Bella up for their "first date" (the one where she kisses Edward) and he goes "We're wearing the same thing." I love that scene, corney and random, but it's so cute!
The ending kind of peeved me off because they stopped the first Volume right after their first date and now I have to wait until the second Volume for the story to go on...even though I know what happens.

I give this novel a 4 out of 4 black nail polishs because...well, it's Twilight and anything that the TwiGods blessed me with at the library, I will give a four out of four!

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'I Love Your Blog' Award Winner for May 2010

For this month of May, I'm proud to say that my small, dinky blog (and Twitter) was being followed by two lovely ladies! One by the name of Tess and the other by the name of Trixie. After a short little forward backward with them on commenting on each other's blogs and E-mailing, I made two new TwiFriends that I can share my secret (okay, not really secret) obsession. Along with meeting two new people that are completely funny, I ran across their blog that was absolutely amazing! A week or so after I went on their blog and was stunned by the new design of their blog! After that, I knew that with the witty blog posts and the new design, this would be the next winner for my Award!
This blog is absolutely hilarious, the Twilight color scheme and the witty blog posts lets me laugh every morning on my way to school with my phone in one hand and my orange juice in the other! Along with the morning laughs and commenting whenever I can, I love their giveaways and contests. Sadly, I can't always get the chance to enter, I still love the prizes and someday, I will def enter in one of their contests. These two girls are my faves right now and I love them and their blog!
I'm glad to present you two girls and your lovely blog with this month's award.

Now, here's my Q&A with them:

What is your guys' blog all about?
Our blog is about all things related to Twilight and Rob Pattinson. We also will be discussing how we watch our voluptuous figures. You won't want to miss our diet plan!

Why did you decide to start your blog?
We needed a creative outlet for our twi-obsession and a place where we could come and drool over Rob without people trying to commit us or stage an intervention. We don't want help, people! We love our addiction.

Your guys' blog design is incredible, what steps did you have to take to get something that gorgeous?
A lot of thought and time went into our blog design. We decided we wanted to keep the color scheme Twilightish and since we're staying anonymous, our biggest decision was finding the characters that we wanted to represent ourselves. Somehow, without using pictures that belonged to someone else, we wanted to incorporate Edward into our design. We knew what we wanted and Pamela (from The Posh Box) helped us bring those ideas to life. She was really amazing through the whole process. We can't say enough good things about her. We were really needy and she always made things happen...even adding sparkles to a guy standing by a car.

You two have A LOT of contests and giveaways, how do you guys come up with them and the prizes?
We usually just try to think of stuff that we would want...all Twilight related, of course. We actually spend a good amount of time texting back and forth until we get the giveaway just right.
-Do you have one now?
We do have one going on right now. There are also more giveaways in the near future. Our followers will always be given one entry, just for following us, and additional entries will be given for comments and reposting about the giveaway.
--If so, what is it?
$25 Amazon giftcard, a Twilight Graphic Novel, and a Twilight inspired handcrafted necklace.

How did you guys decide to do it with the two of you and how does that work?
We both have personal blogs and we wanted to do a blog together. It was a no-brainer really. It works great. It is really nice to have someone to share blogging duties with and to bounce ideas off of. We always try to get the green light from each other before making posts. Other than that, we just collaborate a lot, text back and forth, and we trust each other's judgement.

How has Twilight (or should I say Rob) changed your life?
Oh, wow. This may have to be answered seperately.
Tess - For me, Twilight rekindled my love for reading. I've always been an avid reader, but through years of college, I lost my desire to read. Then motherhood happened, and all I had time to read was magazines (if that), let alone an entire novel. It came at just the right time in my life. I really needed an escape from reality from time to time and Twilight gave it to me. Rob reminded me (and continues to remind me) about all the reasons why it's great to be a woman. Having a crush on him has actually benefited my relationship with my husband. I know that might sound crazy, but it's true. I think before Rob came along, I was stuck in mom mode. He totally brought me out of it. I would really like to personally thank him someday.
Trixie- Yes, I agree with Tess. Twilight brought me out of mom mode and awakened the teenage girl still stuck deep down inside me. In certain ways it brought me back to life.

What kind of things do you plan on doing with your blog?
We have endless ideas when it comes to this blog. Some of those ideas/dreams are pretty lofty (like our "shop" button, among other things), but we're both pretty determined and goal-oriented, hopefully you guys will get to see all of the wonderful things that we've imagined for this blog come to fruition!

How is your blog unique to other blogs?
I guess just that it gets the TNT treatment. We're pretty unique individuals, so I think it is the personal touch that we give the blog that sets it apart from all the other fabulous Twilight blogs out there (and there are soooo many).

What do you plan on doing for the upcoming Eclipse premiere?
You'll just have to wait and see! We have so many fun things planned between now and June 30th! You can definitely expect to see giveaways and contests!

As TwiHards, what do you guys do to keep up your TwiHype?
We're pretty much immersed in it. We kind of eat, drink, and sleep Twilight. That's pretty much it. We also love to stay into the helps to keep us in the moment. We both have read and listened (on audio books) to the entire Saga many times.
How is your city compared to little old Forks, WA?
We actually both live in smaller towns, but I don't think either of our towns are as small as Forks. We don't have a Dr. Cullen parking spot at our local hospital.

What do you want to say to other TwiHards out there?
Don't let anyone make you feel weird or different about loving Twilight, no matter what your age. There is a reason so many people identify with it and the fans are so devoted. Plus, you never know where your Twi journey will take you. It brought the two of us together.

Do you have any tips for up-and-coming bloggers?
Let's see, our tips for up-and-coming bloggers...hmmmm. Well, actually we feel like we are those bloggers. However, we've had several years of experience in our personal blogs and we have a few tidbits of information to pass on...

1. Comment. Leave comment love on blogs you like/love...don't lurk...let people know that you've been there and you've read what they wrote. None of us write just for the sake of writing, we want someone else to come along and say something. You don't have to agree, but just say something! Also, return's nice to let people know that you read what they took the time to write!
2. Keep posts short(er). It's hard to keep bloggers' attention for very long. You'll lose people after a few paragraphs.
3. Add pictures when you can. It adds something for the imagination...makes things more interesting. (That's not hard for us...we can always find a Rob pic to oogle over!)
4. Be yourself. The blogs we love to read the most are when the people are real and don't try to create some perfect world for the readers.

Thanks for listening to what we have to say, and thanks to Black Nailed Reviews! Be safe! Peace, Love, and Twilight.

Your welcome girlz!!! Hope you enjoy!
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Twilight Saga: Movie Versions

Since its a slow Sunday, I decided to look back at Twilight and New Moon along with looking forward to Eclipse.
First lets look at Twilight:
Very innocent and we were just getting to know the characters. Catherine did an amazing job with it. I loved Twilight a little more than New Moon because the music fit and the scenery was amazing. The overcast was cloudy which seemed exactly as how I pictured Forks along with the overly green grass and plants because of the constant rain. Of course, not all the acting was perfect to me but it seemed the most real. The akwardness of them being together and the slow progressing love between them that finally leads to the final part where they express their undeniable love for one another. The families were presented kind of weirdly and the fight scene seemed more as a ninja battle but nonetheless it is my favorite TwiMovie so far.
On to New Moon:
So, New Moon. Okay, I will admit it. I was "EEEEK"ing and screaming my head off when it come on in the theaters and I saw the moon slowly fade into darkness with the New Moon logo appearing after it. But, it had a more bright and golden feel to it, which I didn't like considering its suppose to be a depressing movie. I did however LOVE the werewolves and the music in this one...even though I still think the Twilight soundtrack was better. The part where Bella is running in Volterra was AH-mazing because I was seriously tearing up and yelped when I saw Edward and clapped once Bella threw herself on to Edward to get him to realize she's alive. New Moon was emotional to me but wasn't as good as Twilight in my opinion.
And finally (until Breaking Dawn), Eclipse:
Eclipse is my favorite book of the series (Breaking Dawn being my second) and so I'm having very, very, VERY high standards for my favorite book in the Saga. From the trailers I've seen, I'm very excited for the upcoming release. It seems more action-filled and more of a thriller than the other two. I loved that David Slade did this movie because I have seen 30 Days of Night and it was scary just not that romantic even though there was suppose to be romance in it. That's more of my only concern that the famous love triangle will be shortened to hype up the action. And, Evan better do a BER-illiant job of Victoria because I still loved Rachelle as Victoria.

Okay, so Bella through the movies has seemed to grow up. She went from tiny, fragile Bella in Twilight to lost, depressed Bella in New Moon to intelligent, mature Bella in Eclipse. Her image has changed. In Twilight she looked very young with her long curly locks and her constant long sleeves and cover-ups (like those mittens). In New Moon, she looks more fragile, more skinny like she's slowly deteriating without Edward. Eclipse, she looks mature and more womanly than in the other two movies.
Jake has seemed to change a lot, mostly because of his werewolf side. In Twilight, he seems to be the boy next door we only pay attention to when we girls have no one else to talk to at the bus stop. In New Moon, he seems to be coming out as a werewolf dude but in some scenes he seems more like a porno star getting ready for the cameras to roll. Just keep your shirt on, Jake! In Eclipse, he seems more like a...a man! His face is stern and sure of himself like he's suppose to be and more like a werewolf! Jake has progressed from a boy to a MAN!
Edward to me hasn't changed much which is great because if he did I'd be super P.O'd because vampires can't age! But, I do like how Edward has went from a very closed off guy to a kind of emotional guy to a guy that is ready to defend his lady...and have amazing hair. His hair looks amazing for Eclipse, I'm glad to say. He looks more...studly! :)

And now, lets look at the movie trailers:

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Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Episode 20--Blood Brothers

                                                                            Source from BSC
ELENA LEARNS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WHEN DAMON AND STEFAN WERE TURNED — While Stefan (Paul Wesley) struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) reveal parts of their history to Elena (Nina Dobrev), until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl (guest star Kelly Hu) has an ugly confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert (guest star David Anders). Damon and Alaric (Matt Davis) try to find a mysterious invention before Johnathan does. The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Anna (guest star Malese Jow) continues to grow. BSC
I'm proud to say I finally got to watch a full episode of Vampire Diaries without anything bothering me! So, with that said, I have A LOT to talk about.
First off, what is that little contraption Pearl gave to Damon? Ugh, that keeps bothering me! I know it's definitely not a "pocket watch" as Pearl said it was. I need to know what that thing is and why that one old dude wants it so badly!
Second, Elena has to be going psycho seeing as how she keeps getting into Stefan's path of freakin rampage! For goodness sake, he yelled in her face, he totally vamped out! And, after Stefan goes to the spot by the lake after he turned, Elena decides to go see him and tell him to decide whether or not he wants to keep trying and be with her. Of course, he chooses to be with her but still...lets not be that reckless, Elena!
Third, Jeremy is absolutely the cutest thing I've ever seen. And, he does a sideways smile that makes me weak in the knees! He as cute as cherry pie! Sorry, he makes me more giddy than Jacob Black...and Damon. :) But, even though I love him to death, I won't be one of those fans who gets completely jealous of his love interest...okay, maybe a tiny bit. But, Anna and Jeremy are completely cute together and I love it! Even though they need to slow it down because I saw them starting their hanky panky.
Fourth, Stefan's flashblacks were AH-mazing! I couldn't believe their own father shot them. That was a truly jaw-dropping moment for me and my friends. Also, after Damon sucked on that woman's blood he became the man we all know and love, the cocky and arrogant Damon. I forget why he became so...mean but I bet it was because either a) Stefan killed their father, B) Stefan made him drink even though he didn't want to, or C) he wants to find Katherine.
And, finally, OMG! Pearl might be dead! Not sure, but I can't believe Jonathan did that! I knew something was up.
My final note is that Damon and Elena are heating small ways. Hopefully something will happen by time the season finale comes on next week! Can't wait!

Some quotes from this episode:
"Is that a problem?" - Elena to Damon, on staying at Salvatore's for the night

"Yes, you're a complete nuisance." - Damon
"Why would you want to go to high school? It blows." - Jeremy
"Do you really have to ask?" - Anna
"I would say drop dead, but ... " - Elena to Damon
"What do you think your mother would say if she knew you were dating a vampire?" - Johnathan
"Which mother?" - Elena
"I don't want to survive. I'm sorry, Elena. No more. After what I've done, it has to end. I just want it over." - Stefan
"Short-term rentals and hotels are a bit of a gray area. You kind of have to play it by ear." - Damon to Alaric, on whether he can enter a building or not
"Let's not kill anyone tonight. Your words. Just pointin' that out." - Damon to Alaric, after they kill Henry
"My sons. They will be remembered as the innocent victims of the battle of Willow Creek." - Mr. Salvatore to Mr. Gilbert in a flashback
"Jonathan Gilbert hated you. His only regret was that he didn't drive a stake through your heart himself." - Johnathan to Pearl
"I just don't want to waste any more of my life searching for answers I don't want. I'm through with Isobel. I'm done with all of this." - Alaric to Damon
"How was the errand?" - Elena
"Futile, although I think I witnessed a teacher having an existential crisis." - Damon
"Don't fight it. We can do this together." - Stefan to Damon, on becoming vampires
"I hated you, and I still do. Not because you forced me to turn, but because she turned you. It was supposed to be me, Stefan. Just me." - Damon
Photos courtsey of BSC
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