Vampire Diaries Season 1 Finale Review

So, just a quick recap of what happened on the season finale of the first season of Vampire Diaries.
First off, the episode leads off with a Mystic Falls parade where the Miss Mystic Falls court is there and Jeremy dresses up as a soldier from the "olden" days! Jeremy is still pissed from when Elena had lied to him and even more pissed that Anna is leaving him, with only a bottle of her blood for him to keep. She tells him if he drinks it, if he dies, he'll be brought back to life. He quickly puts it in his drawer and goes to the parade. Elena tries to talk to Jeremy but he quickly turns her down and even says "Go to hell, Elena." Damon doesn't like Jeremy's attitude, so he grabs his arm and tells him not to talk to his older sister that way. Stefan breaks in and tells Damon to let go.
We go to John where he and other cops are planning to get the device working to incapacitate the vampires within a five mile radius. Damon and Alaric team up to try and stop John but that quickly does not work and all the vampires (including Damon, Stefan, and Anna) are incapacitated because of a sound that is given off by the device that only vampires can here. The officers inject the vampires with a shot to paralyze them and take them all down to a basement where John stakes Anna and puts the basement on fire. Stefan tries and saves Damon from the fire as Bonnie helps calm the fire down. Later on, Bonnie tells Stefan that Damon is out of control and needs to stop killing innocent people or if he doesn't, she will not hesistate to kill them both.
Damon tells Jeremy about Anna's death and realizes he wants to be a good person. After having a talk with Jeremy about being lonely and hiding back feelings, he runs into "Elena" and they share a steamy kiss. "Elena" goes inside where she runs into John and kills him before he dies, he recognizes that it is not Elena but Katherine pretending to be Elena. During this time, Jeremy has drunk Anna's blood and took down a whole bottle of aspirin. He lays in bed feeling dizzy. The real Elena enters the household and yells up to Jeremy where he does not answer, she hears something in the kitchen and starts heading in there.
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