September 2010 Winner of the 'I Love Your Blog' Award...Life After Twilight

This month I chose a site that caught my attention just with the title. If you haven't guessed, I indulge in the world of Twilight quite frequently. So, when I typed into Google the words Twilight and book reviews, I had three words pop out at me. Life. After. Twilight. Of course I jumped on it since it said Twilight and Life After had to me what life was like after you read the Twilight saga. Luckily, I got to know these girls when I asked to become affiliates and after a couple hundred more views, I knew that these girls had to be the next winners of ILYB Award!

LAT has one of the best designs I've ever seen and is the first site I've given the award to that has their own society! These girls have worked their butt off on this site and so much more, so I have to give it up to them. Their had work pays off with amazing news on books, reviews, and so forth.

I sat down and typed on my questions for the lovely Brandi and she answered all my "hard hitting" questions:

How did you come up with the site?
Well, if I am to be honest it was the viewers from Youtube who suggested I start a website. LAT was originally started on my Youtube channel BrandiMarie88. I have always loved reading and after I got done with the Twilight series I though "now what?"
I was looking for something interesting or fun to do with my channel and decided to share some books with people through video. My friend and I were talking when she said something that gave me the idea for the name of "Life After Twilight." (continued in question 2)

Why did you name your site, Life After Twilight?I can't remember the exact discussion I had with her but I do remember she said something that inspired the name. It was just cute and funny at the time. Twilighters were popping out of the ground like daisies and everyone was looking for that next "thing."

What do you think makes your site unique from other sites?We are a "fan site" for books. Yes, there are reviewers and other book sites... but Jenni, Livia, and myself just LOVE books. Even the ones we have not read yet. We post video reviews, as well as written, we post the latest news on popular books (and the up and coming), we post author interviews, have special giveaways, but most of all we try our best to listen to what the readers want. They are the ones who made LAT blossom... I just listened and did what I was told when I could. There are some amazing people/readers out there.

What are some special features on your site?We are currently trying to update some features but I think our most popular now is the Night Owl Society. The NOS is a community group I created back in February that is an online book club readers can join. We have a monthly book everyone votes on, reads, and then at the end of the month we have a live discussion. Besides the NOS we have an archive of all the books we have read and reviewed as well as authors. Did I mention they are in alphabetical order which makes it easy to find what you are looking for? Bless Livia and Jenni's hearts... they worked their butts off.

What is in the LAT shop?Oh man... I am really excited you asked about that. It is fairly new (since I updated it) and has some awesome stuff in it. We have Night Owl Society bling, cute T-shirts, bags, blankets, umbrellas, buttons, and more! Right now we have a really cute Tee that has a quote from the latest Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay. It says, "You love me... Real or Not Real?" "Real." I am such a nerd but that just makes me happy.

What was each of your favorite book you have read since starting the site?Wow. You had to ask a really hard one. The viewers introduced me to Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, I Am Number Four, Wake Series, SHIVER, The Hunger Games, The Awakening, any book by John Green.... I seriously could go on forever.

How do you rate your books?I rate books by my overall experience and how I interacted with the book. I know that sounds strange but when everyone finishes a book you have a moment. Some toss the book aside, others sit for a moment to think, some close the book lovingly... you get the idea. I am usually the one that sits and thinks for a moment. How did I like the characters? Was the an enjoyable experience? Did I have trouble understanding the author? I basically ask myself questions and write down my thoughts. Then I convert that into a rating and share it via Youtube.

What kind of books do you usually rate?
I like books with a little soul, dash of love, hint of suspense, and relate able characters. Through this experience I have become very open to picking up a book I would normally be "hesitant" about. The fellow readers/viewers have trained me well.  

How did you come up with the design of your site?I just know what I want and usually relay that to a designer. Our current design was special for our August layout since it was the big 2 year anniversary! Kayla from Shattered Memories designs did an awesome job! She actually has done another design before previous to this one. She is so sweet!

What is the ARC Campaign? Why did you guys sign-up?The ARC Campaign was brought about by our staff member Jenni. She also helps out at and sent me the link. It is basically bringing up the issue of the buy and selling of ARC's. I wanted to join in because I, like many, think that is not cool at all. I wanted to show my support and so did Jenni and Livia. ARC's have a purpose and that purpose is NOT to be sold and make a profit from.

What has been the biggest challenge of havinging a book blog site? What is the greatest satisfaction?The biggest challenge is that I have a life aside from the site. I am a college student, a part-time worker, and am involved in other things outside the world wide web. So trying to get on a schedule is hard but I am trying. The greatest satisfaction is being able to meet some pretty awesome people and talk about books. The authors are so cool and they adore their fans. The readers are passionate and so much fun! It is just a very friendly environment full of people who have a love for books.

Are there any contests/giveaways on your site at the moment? How can people join in?Not at the moment but we ARE planning some, so people need to keep an eye out. People can join in by checking out the Night Owl Society, joining our new forums (Jenni is so awesome), and visiting the Youtube channel to check out the review videos!

What releases are you looking forward to?
Livia recently reviewed a book called "Matched"... I have heard nothing but good things about this book so I am excited to get that. I think Livia is shipping me a copy! Woot Woot! I am also eagerly waiting on Torment, Beautiful Darkness, The Scorch Trials, City of Fallen Angels... and I think that is about enough.

Do you have any advice for general bloggers? Book bloggers?
Get creative and have fun! Spice things up with a new feature or something special every now and again... your readers deserve love and you should give it to them ;) I always really enjoy giving stuff away so it is fun for everyone... (ha that rhymed).

Last thing: Give anything you want to say to readers all around!
Just because you are hesitant about a book doesn't mean you should push it aside. Go crazy and try something new, you never know what might surprise you. Also...Live. Love. Read.

In more ILYB news, November is coming up and guess what that means, that it will be the first annual 'I Love Your Blog' Award Ceremony! The whole month of November will be dedicated to celebrating blogs who have the best design to the best title! Check back for further updates! And, for the month of October, I will be giving you guys the steering will, starting now, comment on this post and nominate any blog you think deserves the October 'I Love Your Blog' Award (and yes you can nominate your own blog)! You have until October 15th and whoever has the most nominations will be crowned October's 'I Love Your Blog' Award! So, get nominating!

Peace and Fangs,
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Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 3: "Bad Moon Rising"

This will be the last time I ever do this, but here's HitFix's recap over last week's Vampire Diaries. Again, I got behind on a lot but I promise you all that I will have this blog fully up in running by next Monday.

"The Vampire Diaries” twists its second season story knives a little bit deeper, as the true nature of Mystic Falls’ werewolf problem is discovered. Also: Caroline continues to have baby vamp growing pains, and Alaric returns to help with the werewolves and generally look hot. Oh, and Damon is snarky. Surprise!

Elena, Stefan and Damon summon the long-lost Alaric to learn more about the Lockwood family, seeing as the Gilbert device caused them to go all wonky last season. Alaric, we missed you. OK, I missed you. I don’t know about anyone else. More than Alaric, the gang is after Isobel’s research on the town. Alaric mentions her study of the lycanthrope (a.k.a. werewolves), but Damon scoffs at the mere thought of their existence. The only way they can find out more of what Isobel suspected is to go to her offices at Duke University and look through her research. Oh, and did I mention that Elena and Damon are going? Together? Without Stefan? Because that makes sense. (I know, I know…Stefan has to take care of Caroline. Still: contrivance!)

Meanwhile, in a neat little wordless sideways sequence, Tyler demonstrates he has his own worries about Mason as we see him follow his uncle into an abandoned underground cellar/dungeon in the woods. Tyler uncovers some interesting scratches on the wall, but not much else.

Caroline is still struggling to adjust to being a nighttime-only gal with a daytime-loving boyfriend. Stefan and Damon need to find her one of those rings, ASAP. Stefan is on the same page and visits Bonnie to ask her to make a day walking ring. Bonnie the Vampire Hater is reluctant to give Caroline an easy transition into vampiredom (made up vampire word alert!). She ends up agreeing, but is clear with Caroline: if people start dying, she will revoke the ring’s power. Side note on Bonnie: she gets a hard time from a lot of fans, but a character like her is somewhat necessary. If you want your vampires to remain scary, someone has to be against them on principle and willing to do something about it. Otherwise there is no conflict and your vamps are just fuzzy little vamp bunnies. Bonnie’s magic works, and Caroline is now free to be you and me, no matter the position of the sun.

On the Road Trip of Awkward, Damon is petulant about Elena not forgiving him for trying to kill her brother. In Damon’s gorgeously twisted mind, Jeremy didn’t die so no transgression occurred. Damon insists he saw the ring and knew Jeremy was safe, but Elena does not believe him because she is not an idiot. When they arrive at Isobel’s office they are greeted by her research assistant, Vanessa, who acts calm, rational and inviting until she goes all Buffy and pulls out a crossbow, points it at Elena and pulls the trigger. Damon gets there just in time and saves Elena’s impalement, while Alaric subdues the wannabe slayer.

Once Elena pulls the arrow out of his back, all that Damon wants is to “kill that bitch.” Heh. Elena forbids it, and then she and Damon spend some time circling each other and anger-flirting. It would be very, very strange at this point for those two to get together, but the actors have mad chemistry, yo. Their scenes are sizzling fun. In the other room, Vanessa is busy telling Alaric that Katherine and Damon are dead and seems incredulous at them standing in her office. For a folklore researcher, she sure has a closed mind.

Back in Mystic Falls, Stefan is now attempting to teach Caroline how to hunt game for food instead of people. The trouble? All Caroline can think about is going to see her boyfriend at the swimming hole. Hee. When she arrives at the party she sees Amy flirting with Matt and immediately snaps into jealous Caroline mode, this time with bonus compulsion of her enemy! Matt doesn’t like Caroline’s rudeness, and Stefan objects to Caroline messing with an innocent person’s mind just because she can. Being a vampire in love is hard, y’all.

The Duke research turns up something useful when Alaric stumbles on an old Aztec legend “The Curse of the Sun and the Moon.” In this legend, an Aztec shaman cursed vampires and werewolves, making vampires slaves to the sun and werewolves servants of the moon. This is all standard werewolf fare until we get to the wrinkle: the werewolf prey of choice is vampires, and their bite is fatal to our sun-hating friends. Ooo…shiny. Especially since Mason Lockwood is back in the underground cellar getting prepared for what looks like an impending full moon. He’s locking himself up, but will the chains hold? And what is that disgusting looking herbal concoction he is drinking? We don’t get a chance to find out, because a horny Tyler shows up with Caroline’s compulsion victim Amy in tow and Mason is forced to hightail it out of the cellar just before he changes. His change sounds painful. Let’s hope any CGI is less so.

Elena relays the bad news to Stefan about the werewolves, and he of course cannot locate his vampire charge Caroline (as she’s gone off on a little tryst of her own with Matt.) Later, Elena asks research girl Vanessa what we’ve all been wondering for a while: what’s up with her looking exactly like Katherine? There isn’t any information on her in Isobel’s research, but Vanessa does have some disturbing general information about doppelganger lore. You see, they usually torment their double, trying their hardest to “undo their lives.” Elena is already aware of this little fact, though. Damon acts like he knows a link between the two women, and later offers Elena her first real clue in the form of a book Isobel had titled “Petrova,” which was apparently Katherine’s real name. Damon also then has a rare moment of actual contrition, admitting to Elena that he would hate if their friendship was ruined forever. You know, he only snapped her brother’s neck right in front of her. A friendship can weather that. Right? Right? Hmm.

Stefan is searching for Caroline (I presume) when he comes across Mason’s car in the woods, and after a satisfyingly tense moment a fully wolf-ized Mason comes crashing out of the SUV and scurries off, basically running away from Stefan. Is Mason a werewolf with a heart of gold? Perhaps, perhaps.

In other parts of the forest, Tyler gets rejected once Amy remembers she likes Matt instead of him, while Caroline and Matt have a bit of a snog against a tree. Things go swimmingly until Matt cuts himself on some bark and Caroline goes a wee bit vampmental (making up vampire words is fun!) and bites him. The only thing that saves Matt’s live is Stefan, who shows up just in time to pull her off. There’s not a moment to worry about what they are going to do about the situation, however, because Mason the werewolf is hot on their trail. They use themselves as bait to draw the werewolf away from Matt, but they almost immediately run into Tyler. This distracts them long enough so Mason can attack Caroline, but Tyler saves the day by calling off the dog. Literally. (Groan. Sorry.) Tyler eventually makes his way to Mason’s car, and Mason reveals himself as the werewolf to his nephew. I suppose any excuse of rolling around in the woods naked would not have seemed genuine in the moment.

Once they get back to Matt, Caroline is forced to compel Matt into forgetting what really happened. Poor Matt. The only “normal” person on the show and Caroline is already messing around inside his brain. When Caroline later sees Amy and Matt together at the bar, she confronts Amy again and Matt decides he’s had enough of her drama and breaks it off. If he only knew. Run away, Matt! There has to be one teenager on this show not aware of the supernatural shenanigans, right?

Matt’s loss is about to be Katherine’s gain, it seems, as Katherine shows up in Caroline’s bedroom just in time to catch her on the rebound. Katherine threatens that they’re going to have “so much fun together,” and I kind of believe her. Oh, Caroline. You’re going to be so, so naughty, aren’t you?"

Peace and Fangs,
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August's Winner of 'I Love Your Blog' Award: Bewitched Bookworms

I, sadly, have neglected my blog work but...I'm here now! I announced these lovely ladies as the August winner of the 'I Love Your Blog' Award but I never got around to posting their Q&A, which I want to fully apologize for! But, I'm getting back in the swing of things and I told myself I will not leave this chair until I get everything updated!

So, without further ado, here was the winner of August's 'I Love Your Blog' Award.....Bewitched Bookworms! These girls are so wonderful with their reviews and lovely design, I got to have the privilege of interviewing Uhyesplease and she happily answered! Here's to you, girls! Keep up what you do best!

*interview updated*
How did you get your blog started?
Basically I posted a real life book review on a fanfiction site that OnePushyFox and I co-write. Danny thought it was so cool that I decided to blur the fanfic with an actual book she thought it would be fun to start a book blog with a bunch of our fanfiction friends. It took off like wildfire!

Why did you decide to name your blog, Bewitched Bookworms?
We threw a bunch of names around, and the majority liked this one the best.

What is your blog about?
Quite simply, we write reviews for books we have read! The coolest part now is that we've gotten to meet and speak with authors, hold Q&As, host giveaways and now are getting ARCs! Who knew our hobby would be even cooler than it was before!

What kind of books do you review about?
We review mostly fiction, heavily slanted towards YA. But we are all adult readers and enjoy the mature books too.

What do you think makes your blog stand out from the rest?
I think we're one of the few co-authored blogs. There are five of us who read and review, so our calendars are full for months. We are also friends in RL and I think our supportive vibe shines through. Oh - and our blog is super PURDY! Danny is one heck of a websigner!

How did you all decide to do a book review blog together?
Several of us have solo blogs, so it made sense to join together and co-blog. Both because we are all so busy - but mainly because we enjoy the support and bouncing ideas off each other.

What kind of giveaways/contests do you usually have? Are there any current ones at the moment?
We are so close to our 500 (just a few more to go!) followers and plan on a big give away for that. Our contests are generally focused around book giveaways, but we enjoy a few surprises or two!

I saw that you guys are participating in the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, what are you guys nominated for and how can people vote for you?
I think this is more of a showcase for book blogs. You may need to ask Danny to answer this one for me. :)

What new things will be coming to Bewitched Bookworms?
Good question! I think we're going to try to add even more fun to our blog with a few special features each month from the bloggers, as well, as participating in some of the fun Meme's floating around.

What is Cutie's Corner and Mystery Book Exchange about?
Cutie is a super avid reader and has her own column to chat about the books she loves. Since she is currently getting an English degree (that's right Cutie, toot toot!) she is totally down with what is hot and The Classics as well. The MBE is something that came up after talking to Pushy and trying to get her to read one of my favs! We got to talking and BAM! it was born! Basically we challenge each other to read something we love, that is out of the other reader's comfort zone. I got to read a historical romance book, which isn't normally my cup of tea, but surprise, surprise, I loved it!!! We'd love for our readers to also challenge us to read something they love too! I'm doing an MBE with a friend of mine and I can't wait to post my review of the book she gave me. It was Superb!

What was the best book you read since the blog was started?
Uhyesplease: The Darkfever series by Karen Moring have been the most fun for me, but BEST book I would have to say Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
Danny: The Fever series from Karen Marie Morning, most definitely! I would have never read them if some of my new Book Blogger friends not have told me that they are awesome!
Cutie: Oh dear me!! There is just no way I could answer this question....

How about a top five (one that I reserve the right to change!).
1. the truth about forever by Sara Dessen
2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
3. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
4. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
5. The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan
Oh annnnnnd..... *slaps hands*
Pushy: Going Bovine by Libba Bray
Heather: all 8 of JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series
How do you balance blogging, reading, and daily life?
Uhyesplease: I don't! At least, not well! Let me know how to do it and I'll be thankful!
Danny: Ieeek, it feels like a second job besides my real job. It definitely takes tons of times and I have to admit that I sometimes do Bloggy stuff at work. "bad danny, realllllyyyy bad". But I'm happy that I can at least share the Bookworms Blog work with my beloved friends here. Alone, I wouldn't manage!
Cutie: um... I don't, truth be told. With four kids, a house to keep up with,college, and on and on and on it's a little hard to breathe at times let alone blog and read. So there is always a trade off. Either I am reading too much (can a person ever read too much?) and not blogging enough or vise vica. It's the sad truth. 
Pushy: I don't! It's a madhouse around here! I read a lot after the kids are in bed in the evenings, I also blog then and in the early morning before they wake up. And I like to listen to books when I work out.
Heather: I try to limit my blogging and reading to my train commute and after my son goes to bed.
What are advantages/disadvantages of being a book blogger?
Uhyesplease: I hate getting spoiled on accident, that has happened a few too many times reading other's blogs. The best part is my friends, and our crazy book convos. Oh and ARCs! I feel like it's Christmas morning when one arrives in my box!
Danny: It makes you read so much more! Plus, I have discovered books I would have never picked up before. And, I met so many wonderful people and authors - this is rewarding! It brought me also closer to my the other Bookworms and for that, I'm really grateful!
Cutie: I can't really think of any disadvantages, other than it can take over a persons life and one must learn to pace themselves (and that goes for any blogger honestly). The advantages are a plenty from meeting fabulous people to getting to share you thoughts and ideas with others.
Pushy: I can't think of any disadvantages, it's so much fun. Advantages are getting to know authors and publicists and helping out authors I like or meeting them. I also love the book blogging community, which is full of so many fun, intelligent people.
Heather: Advantage: discover new books and authors that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. Disadvantage: have way too many books lined up. My TBR pile is about 30 books long now.
What are some tips for new and upcoming bloggers? Book bloggers?
Uhyesplease: I'm a big fan of reading outside of your comfort zone and being HONEST. We all know some books speak to us and not others, and it doesn't mean the book is bad, but be honest with how you felt about it. Also it's a lot more fun to blog with a friend - so see if your bestie from High School wants to start a book blog with you - I guarentee hijinks will be had!
Danny: Have fun! Blogging is fun. Besides reading and posting the reviews I think it's also important to network. Because it's all about sharing the excitement and opinions about books.
Cutie: I think as long as a blogger remembers the golden rule "this is all just for fun" then all will be well.
Pushy: Just start a blog! If you want to build a larger group of followers, you could host a contest or join in on the memes to meet other bloggers.
Heather: No when to say no so you don't get overwhelmed and enjoy the ride.

P.S. BB is having a 500 Follower Giveaway over at their site! Click here and be entered to win a signed copy of Radiant Shadows to a blog design package!

Peace and Fangs,
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Wanted Wedensdays: FALLEN sequal: TORMENT

Hi everyone it’s me Blancy! Alisha has so kindly and graciously allowed me to do this weeks Wanted Wednesdays. So don’t panic she will be back with you all to do Wanted Wednesdays next week. For those of you who have a big passion for romance books about couples that should not be together because they are a danger to each another (but they just can’t help themselves!) like I do will be interested in this book.

The Wanted Wednesdays book (I crave to have in my possession) that will be release in book stores September 28 is the second installment of Lauren Kate’s FALLEN series TORMENT. Kate is also the author of The BETRAYAL of Natalie Hargrove. FALLEN is Kate’s first “fallen angels” book that is filled with mystery and suspense leaving readers guessing and wanting more.

If you have not read the first book FALLEN I’ll give you a brief summary. Lucinda (Luce) Price is sent to a “boarding school” for problem teens after one of her schoolmates dies in a mysterious fire. Sword & Cross is where she meets Daniel Grigori who at first sight captures her attention. Except Daniel can care less and goes out of his way to let her know by flipping her off the first time they see each other. There is a mystery to Daniel and Lucinda just has to know what he is so desperately trying to keep, no matter what it will cost her. I always say a girl should have options! Lucinda also meets a rocker looking bad boy name Cam who appears to be very into (Luce), but appearances are always deceiving. Cam has more then romantic intentions for Lucinda.

The second installment of Kate’s FALLEN series TORMENT has a synopsis:

Lucinda is sure that she and Daniel are meant to be together forever. Now they are forced apart in a desperate bid to save Luce from the Outcasts–immortals who want her dead. As she discovers more about her past lives, Luce starts to suspect that Daniel is hiding something. What if he has lied to her about their shared past? What if Luce is really meant to be with someone else?”

Doesn’t it make you want to read just to find out? I will be doing just that next weekend when I get my greedy little fingers on TORMENT. I hope that my summary of FALLEN caught your see and didn’t spoil it for you. I will also be writing a review on FALLEN pretty soon and one for TORMENT after I read it, so look for that on BNR.

Ballerina Curtsey,
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Eclipse in the Mailbox and I am Releaved!

Hi, all! I have recieved very terrific news the other day. Not many of you have noticed but I am a very paranoid and a woory wort. So, with that said, I was freaking out when I sent the Eclipse book to Paperback Writer and it didn't ge tthere at the time the woman said. Happily, I must say, the book got to her and she sent me a pic of it!

I am completely releaved the book got to her and the post office didn't let me down! Tis is what she had to say over at her site:

"I won the contest/giveaway from Black Nailed Reviews!  I am now a happy owner of a Hardback copy of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Very cool. Thanks so much for the book. I love the Black Nailed Reviews blog. If you haven't heard of it or visited it. You should! The book arrived right after I posted my rantings on: No... Scroggins you don't SPEAK."

Thank you, PW, I do love compliments! Please visit her site, it's filled with amazing reviews and clever comments on books!

Peace and Fangs,
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Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 2: "Brave New World"

We are two episodes into Vampire Diaries and it has started with a bang and has continued for me and my friends to swoon over Damon and scream, laugh, and even sometimes argue through the episodes. I have been a bad VD fan and waited for almost a week to finally post the second episode's recap but I will not let that get away from me all the time! Because I'm running behind on all of my blogging, I will do something I would never do but have to so I can get up on my blogging. Here is a recap of the recent episode from a section at the Wall Street Journal's site called Speak Easy:

"Watch out, Mystic Falls: there’s a new vampire in town. Tonight on “The Vampire Diaries,” we learned that Caroline Forbes is officially undead, that there’s something seriously freaky going on in the Lockwood clan, and that you really, really don’t want to piss off Bonnie Bennett—unless you like the idea of being set on fire.

After apparently being suffocated by Katherine, Caroline wakes up, gasping, in her hospital bed. At first, she’s confused. But then Caroline starts putting the pieces together: she’s got a craving for a bag of O+, her hand smokes when she puts it in sunlight, and she’s no longer capable of wearing her favorite cross without burning her chest. All signs point to vampire.

The next day, after feeding on a nurse and using her new vamp powers to erase her memory, Caroline escapes the hospital and goes looking for her friends at the school carnival they’re helping to run. Elena had hoped that the event would be an oasis of normalcy in her otherwise ridiculous life. All she wants is to have some fun and get a kiss from Stefan at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

Life, of course, has other plans. Caroline runs into Damon inside the empty high school and tells him that she remembers everything he did to her before she died: “You manipulated me, you pushed me around, abused me, erased my memories, fed on me.” He says in response that remembering those things would be impossible, unless… but before he can finish his thought, she pushes him to the ground with her new strength. Then, after conveying Katherine’s message—“Game on”— Caroline sashays away.

The brothers Salvatore and Elena huddle in an empty classroom and try to figure out what to do next. Damon wants to stake Caroline, though Stefan and Elena won’t hear of it. They disperse before deciding on a definitive course of action, but Damon’s mind is made up. He grabs a piece of wood from the carnival grounds and goes in search of Caroline.

Damon finds the newborn vampire covered in blood and sitting next to a freshly killed body. The hunger was too much for her—though at least she didn’t kill poor, sweet Matt, who’s totally clueless about what’s going on with her. Damon says that he can help her… then, stupidly, tells her that he’s going to kill her instead of just doing it.

Before Damon makes a fatal move, though, Stefan and Elena intervene. “Whatever happens, it’s on you,” D warns Elena before stepping away. Then Caroline sees that someone else was watching the whole thing: Bonnie, who is horrified to see her friend all vamp’d out.

“I’m a m-m-murderer. I’m a monster!” Caroline wails as Stefan tries to clean her up. He tells her that her emotions are heightened because of the transition, and that she has to calm down. Stefan also imparts another important piece of vampire-to-vampire wisdom: she has to fight the urge to kill. It’s the only way she’ll survive. Caroline stops sobbing, and Stefan promises that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Damon, though, might not be so lucky. He comes back to the carnival grounds, having buried the body of the guy Caroline drank. Then Bonnie releases some Grade-A witchery on him, saying, “I told you what would happen if anyone else got hurt.” She paralyzes him with pain, then conjures up a fire and starts to burn him alive. Er, undead. Whatever.

But before Damon can be engulfed in flames, Elena rushes over and breaks Bonnie’s concentration. She hugs her and convinces her to walk away. D almost has another near-death experience when he gets home—Jeremy is waiting for him, having laced his liquor and whittled himself a stake—but ultimately, Elena’s little brother decides that killing the vampire wouldn’t do him any good. Also, that would probably mean the end of this show.

As Caroline realizes the extent of her new abilities, Tyler is subsequently realizing that there’s something extraordinary about his Uncle Mason. Mason is extremely interested in his nephew’s anger and aggression issues. He quizzes Tyler on what happens when he goes into a rage—Tyler answers that he blacks out, and that they make him feel like he’s “becoming something else.” Damon, who happens to be in the other room, overhears the Lockwood men’s curious conversation.

At the carnival, Damon convinces Stefan to go up against Mason in an arm wrestling match. Mason wins, which surprises Stefan—he had actually put some muscle into it. Still, he’s not convinced that there’s anything to his brother’s theory about the Lockwoods being special. “Maybe they’re ninja turtles,” deadpans Stefan. “Or zombies. Werewolves.” Damon doesn’t appreciate his brother’s sarcasm—and besides, he says, “This is reality, and there’s no such thing as werewolves.” Duh.

Then Damon brings out the big guns. He uses vampire mind control to convince a random carnival-goer to pick a fight with Tyler. When they start brawling, Uncle Mason steps in to end it. Tyler sees his uncle’s eyes glow weirdly—and then he starts hopping and flipping like a kung-fu frog. Later, Mason claims that he was just using Brazilian martial arts during the fight, but Tyler knows something else is up.

That’s probably why he plays dumb when Mason asks him if he’s seen an heirloom moonstone lying around the mansion. In reality, though, Tyler knows exactly where the stone is hidden: in a safe deposit box under the floorboards. He secretly pockets the stone.

It’s been a long, complicated day. Elena’s night of normalcy was a total bust. But all’s not lost: In the wee hours of the morning, Stefan appears in her bedroom and whisks her off to the carnival grounds. There, he starts the Ferris Wheel up and carries her to the topmost car, where they share the kiss she wanted all along.

After their smooch, things turn serious. “It’s not going to get any easier, is it?” she asks him. “No. it’s not,” he replies. Especially because we see that in the scenes from next week, Damon’s saying something about a “Wolf Man.” So much for lycanthropy being imaginary!"

Peace and Fangs,
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True Blood--Season 3, Episode 12: "Evil Is Going On"

Hey! I know I am over a week late with this post but I'm determined to keep you guys up to date on all the weekly shows I feature on here. But here we go, let's all take a moment of silence for True Blood being off the air... Okay, that's enough. Let's get on to the season finale.

We are back to Russell and Eric who are smoking outside of Fangtasia like to overdone vampire hot dogs. Eric tells Russell this is his revenge to him because of what he did to his family. Russell taunts him saying that this is weak. Godric appears as an angel in front of Eric and tells him to forgive Russell because Eric shouldn't do that would happen. After being healed by Bill's blood, Sookie goes outside to save Eric from the sunlight, she throws Russell across the lot with her powers and takes Eric inside. She commands Bill to bite her so Eric can drink from her and be healed. Bill reluctantly does but watches Eric as he drinks from Sookie to make sure he doesn't over do it. After saving Eric, she goes back out to save the badly charred Russell but he is chained with a silver chain to the stripper pole.

Sam and Tara awake after their night together and he makes Tara breakfast. She comments that she didn't know that he could cook, he says it was because she always ran off before he woke up. Sam finally tells Tara that he is a shapeshifter, she is so overwhelmed, she tells Sam she wishes to reboot her whole life. Sam tells her she can if she just keeps moving. She does just that by cutting her hair, telling her mom she wants her to be happy, and looking at Merlotte's before driving out of Bon Temps.

Hoyt goes to work where he sees Summer, his mother, and his old guidance counselor from school waiting for him. They try to tell him their feelings on Jessica and how he should forget about her but Hoyt finally stands up for himself and tells the three of them that this is his life and he loves Jessica. Later on, he rents an apartment and shows it to Jessica, saying he wants to marry her, even if that means becoming an ordained minister. Later we see that Maxine, Hoyt's mother, is buying a gun.

We go to Jason who finds out that the DEA are going to do a bust at Hotshot where Crystal's family is. Andy tells him to not tip off te dealers but of course Jason grabs Crystal and tells the people in Hotshot. Crystal's father tells the others to destroy the V but Crystal's brother shows up and shoots his father to get to the V. Jason tries talking to him to get him to calm down and get off the V that he was strung out on at that moment. Felton orders Crystal to get into the truck, before she does, she tells Jason to take care of her people. He tells her that he will try to find her and turns to the people to start helping them.

Lafayette is still halluncinating from the V and calls Jesus to help him because he feels that he is going crazy like his mother. Jesus comes to Lafayetter and calms him down by telling him he is just more sensitive to magic. Jesus also reveals that he is a witch, Lafayette is actually fascinated by the news.

While Eric and the others sleep, Russell and Sookie are left in Fangtasia. Russell offers her anything to let him go but Sookie refuses because of what he's done. She soon finds out that Russell wanted Sookie's blood to resurrect his deceased lover, Talbot. She is disgustd by this and puts Talbot's remains down the garbage disposal. Alcide then comes back (and looks sexy as ever) to make a deal with Eric, if Eric pays off his family's debts, then Eric can bury Russell at one of Alcide's worksites.

Bill and Eric start to pour on cement on Russell to incase him. Godric tries to reason with Eric to think otherwise but Eric sticks to his plan to make sure Russell doesn't find peace in the afterlife. After Bill shakes hands with Eric, he slaps silver cuffs on him and pushes him into another cement case. He starts to pour cement on Eric and calls one of Eric's assassins to kill Pam.

Sam goes over to Tommy's to see how he is doing but only finds an opened refridgerator and a running facet. Once Sam sees this, he runs to Merlotte's and sees that Tommy also ramsacked his safe to. Sam takes a handgun and tries to find Tommy. He finds Tommy walking in the woods with his safe and tells him to give it back. Tommy is hurt because of being abandoned but still doesn't give the safe back, Sam then raises his gun and fires.

Bill goes to Sookie's to tell her he killed Eric and Russell, he vows that even though she might not love him anymore, he will kill every vampire that knows what she is so that she can be safe. Eric shows up on her porch covered in cement and tells Sookie that Bill was originally sent to Bon Temps because of the queen's orders to get Sookie and even had the Rattrays beat her almost to death so that he is able to give her his blood. She revokes his invitiation and shuts the door on both of them. Bill goes back to his house where the queen arrvies for Sookie, Bill turns on her and tries to attack her.

We leave off with Sookie running to her grandmother's grave for comfort. While thinking about what she should do, Claudine appears and tells her that she is not alone and should come with her. Sookie takes her hand and is transported to the faeries' world.

That was the season finale, people! A lot happened and a lot of cliff hangers that hopefully are straightened out in the next season. Some news on True Blood I found was that there could possibly be a True Blood movie. It is said to be a rumor but just keep your ears up for any incoming info! Plus, I particular think that this isn't a bad idea, there is a lot of plot lines that I think it would be better if there was a movie, even if it would only be on HBO. And, in sad news on True Blood, we have to wait until summer 2011 for the fourth season of TB. Hopefully, Vampire Diaries will keep us company until then!
Peace and Fangs,
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Twilight News and Gossip

Twilight fans I have some news and gossip that I wanted to share with you. For the past few months since the anticipated release of Eclipse in June rumors have been flying left and right about Breaking Dawn’s filming locations, scenes that will make it on the film, new cast members, filming dates, etc. Summit Entertainment has done their best to put a stop to these rumors by putting out official statement of their plans. One of these statements is the release date for Eclipse on DVD December 4. Summit has also confirmed that Breaking Dawn will be split into two films with part one being release on November 18, 2011 and part 2 a year later on November 16, 2012. Another confirmation from Summit is that Breaking Dawn will be filmed in both Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Vancouver over the next year. The script is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing.

I also got my hand on a half confirmation from Godfrey regarding when filming will begin for Breaking Dawn in his interview with Reelz Channel. Godfrey said and I quote "We're going to start finding our locations and designing sets and we start shooting in November" and probably extend until roughly March 15. Nothing has been set in stone so it is a “possible” start date. If you want to hear Godfrey’s interview with Reelz Channel for yourself YOUTUBE {reelz channel talks to the cast at the eclipse premiere and Wyck Godfrey}. or click on this link

Now with all of these rumors still flying around like flies over honey I have come across a few myself. The other day I happen to come across a very interesting (to say the least) ET interview. Kate Gosselin correspondent for ET talked to The Pacific actor Rami Malek at ET’s exclusive emmy party about an upcoming role in Breaking Dawn. Malek goes on to tell ET that he is “thrilled” about his upcoming role, but he did not say specifically what role he would be taking. It has been rumored that he is up for the role of Benjamin one of the members from the Egyptian coven. You may recognize Malek from his role as the Egyptian mummy in Night at the Museum one & two. There has not been an official statement from Summit Entertainment in regards to Malek joining the cast. We just have to wait and see. He appears to have the Egyptian part down but the question remain can he pull off becoming Benjamin? Let me know what you think. Here is a link to Malek's ET interview

The other Breaking Dawn casting rumor is that Drew Roy and Guri Weinberg may join the Twilight cast. According to Reelz Channel Drew Roy is rumored to play Nahuel, a human-vampire from South America. Roy was seen in One Wish and he is in the upcoming movie Secretariat with Diane Lane. Guir Weinberg of Munich is allegedly playing Stefan, a Romanian vampire who allies with the Cullens against the Volturi. Weinberg was in the movie You Don't Mess with the Zohan as Aharon. These casting rumors ar still wishful thinking until we hear from Summit Entertainments. Personally, I can see Weinberg as Stefan, he has that "I won't stare cause you're scary" kind-of a look that is perfect for Stefan. Roy on the other hand really does not sell it to me as Nahuel, because his character is taller and has darker skin. I could see him as one of the Volturi guards, but as Nahuel, no way! Do you think Drew and Guri are great matches for the parts they are rumored to play? Love to hear you thoughts on this.

The final casting rumor that definitely caught my particular attention was that of who will be playing the part of Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee. Casting for this role has been said to be the hardest of all. Stephenie Meyer herself has said that the casting for the role will be near to impossible, do to the fact of Renesmee’s rapid growth in the novel. There has been talk about multi-actresses to play the different stages of Renesmee. According to Model Management Group, there is one young lady being courted for the part of an older Renesmee she is identified only as Kayla D. MMG's Facebook page reads, "Attached is a photo of Kayla and Daniel D. ... Kayla is the little girl up for the role of Bella's daughter in the new film in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Kayla is pictured with her adorable brother Daniel who has already had two castings since signing with us this month! Daniel will be submitting a video audition for another role in the Twilight film! Good Luck guys!!!!” Of course Summit has not confirmed this allegation to be true.

Contrary to what meets the eye, Daniel and Kayla are actually not twins. Kayla is actually 3 years younger than Daniel. Both children are extremely talented. MMG scouted the siblings at the IPOP convention in Las Vegas in July 2010. Both kids received training from John Robert Powers School in Montreal, Quebec prior to attending the convention and signing with MMG.  I do thing that with the brown hair she would make a perfect Renesmee. Kayla to me has that “mentally older then what I physically look like” thing going on that is Renesmee. But of cores that is my opinion. I want to know your thoughts on Kayla, is she right for the part of Renesmee?

Ballerina Curtsy,
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Book Review: Are U 4 Real? by Sara Kadefors

Reading Level: Young Adult
Pages: 320
Language: English
Average Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

"Kyla is exactly the kind of girl Alex could never talk to in real life. She’s a gorgeous, outspoken L.A. girl who parties to forget about her absent father and depressed mother. He’s a shy ballet dancer from outside San Francisco who’s never been kissed. Luckily, when these sixteen-year-olds meet for the first time it’s not in real life—it’s in a chat room, where they can share their feelings of isolation and frustration away from the conformity-obsessed high school scene. Alex and Kyla quickly forge a friendship that’s far from virtual— maybe they’re even falling in love. But what happens when the soul mate you’ve never met moves from online to in person?" Source

I will say that at first, this seemed sorta interesting. Usually, when I read a book on IMing or technology, it's filled with all IM convos (*cough* I'm talking to you, Lauren Myracle) or people constantly sitting at the computer. This one was different, it was a love story that was developed from technology which is different from other stories. It was a little obvious though. Once you know that Kyra is gorgeous and popular, of course she is unhappy. Then you have Alex who is a ballerina but he obviously has never had a girlfriend or have been kissed. I liked the book because there was real life situations in it but Kadefors seemed to make it a little more dramatic. That wasn't a bad thing because if it was like an ordinary story, it would get one black nail polish from me, personally. The story was good all in all but the relationship never seemed to ddevelop into a love story that I will call unique and something that I will remember for years to come. This book deserves a three out of four because it is a book everyone should read and plus, it was said to be the best YA book over in Sweden. There is even a movie that was made from it in Sweden. You can check out the trailer here, it is a little raunchy when you watch it but it seems like a good movie.

Peace and Fangs,
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Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 1: "The Return"

Here we are again, Vampire Diaries fans! The second season has finally premiered and I have done my absolute best in this post to exclude any sentences with "OMG", "AWWW", and "FREAKING HOT". (Also, leaving out any questions along the line as "WTF?" and "Did that really just happen?") So, let's recap the glory of what is the Vampire Diaries Season 2 opener.

We start off back in Elena's kitchen where her Uncle John is lying in his own blood because Katherine stabbed him. Elena takes the knife lying beside John and looks around to see whose there because of John's warnings to her to "look behind her". Unbenounced to her is the fact that Katherine is the stranger in her home. Katherine leaves before Elena sees her. She is then reminded of Jeremy, she rushes upstairs to make sure he's okay but sees he is not breathing. She shakes him and he wakes up with a jolt. Luckily, sexy (didn't say I would leave that word out) Jeremy woke up as healthy as he did before he downed the pills and the vial of Anna's blood she left with him before she died. He, of course, goes on to mope because of the lost of another girlfriend. Can I just say to Jeremy...look, you're hot. Maybe if you go for a human girl, it would work out a lot nicer, I'm always available! But, back to the plot...Uncle John turns out to be okay even though he was stabbed in the gut and had his fingers chopped off.

We then go to the hospital where Bonnie, Matt, Damon, and Sheriff Liz are at the hospital to check up and ehar news on how Caroline is doing after she was hurt from the car crash in the last season. Once Elena arrives at the hospital, Bonnie tells Elena what's going on with Caroline. Elena asks Bonnie if she can do a spell to heal Caroline, Bonnie tells Elena she does not possess that kind of power. Damon intervenes and offers his blood which has healing properties in it. While Elena is hesistant, Bonnie tells Damon to hurry and do it. After Bonnie leaves, Damon tells Elena that they need to talk about what happened earlier that night. Elena is confused about it, even after Damon tells her that they kissed. He gets upset when she won't admit that she remembers when they kissed. (Note: Damon kissed Katherine, not Elena.) After Elena says for the final time she doesn't know what he's talking about, it dawns on him who he kissed, saying, "You've got to be kidding me."
Stefan goes back to the Gilberts' house and comes across Katherine who is pretending to be Elena. When Stefan leans down to kiss her, he throws her across the room because he knows instantly it isn't Elena. Katherine smugly says "atleast I fooled one of you". Katherine slips away from the house before Damon and Elena come back. The three are confused what to do, since Katherine was invited in somehow, she can come and go as she pleases. Elena and Stefan decide to find out what Katherine is up to while Damon wants to just ignore the...well, you know. Damon tells Stefan that he kissed Katherine which he thought was really Elena. Stefan becomes instantly jealous and wants to fight Damon, Elena puts a stop to it because they have other things to tend to.

We skip to Mayor Lockwood's wake where his wife and the sheriff try to figure out why he was killed. Mason Lockwood shows up for the wake looking spiffy in nice clothes and a nice ride. Tyler and Mason exchange a quick conversation, it seems that Mason hasn't been around since Tyler was twelve I think. As the party goes on, Tyler mistakes Katherine as Elena and invites her into the Lockwoods' home.

The real Elena and Stefan are back at the hospital where they try to get some information out of John. John gives them nothing on Katherine and Elena leaves in disgust. Stefan makes John drink some of his blood and tells him to leave the town within 24 hours or else he will be turned into a vampire against his will.

Bonnie sees Katherine at the party, she mistakes her as Elena too and talks to her openly about Damon. Bonnie senses something is wrong and calls Elena to find out that she has not arrived to the party. Before she can tell a soul, Katherine is behind her and confronts her. Stefan finds Bonnie and Katherine before anything can happen and tells Katherine to leave Bonnie alone. She agrees and goes for a walk with Stefan. Stefan asks what she is up to and she says that she came back for him. He admits that he hates her and never loved her. She stabs Stefan in the stomach and flees.

Elena arrvies at the wake and talks to Damon about the kiss. She tells him that she isn't surprised he wanted to kiss her but that he thought she would kiss him back. She leaves him to go find Stefan. Once Elena finds Stefan, she tends to his wound while Damon comes upon them and makes jokes about how Katherine is trying to steal Stefan. Stefan tries calming down Damon but Damon says that Katherine will try to play them against one another.

Damon leaves the party and goes back home where he is faced with Katherine. She teases him to either kiss her or kill her. He says he will kiss her, only if she answers his question the way he wants her to. Before he can ask, she knows the question and admits she never loved him and it has always been Stefan. Damon's eyes well up as she walks away.

At the Lockwoods', Tyler goes on a rampage about his father's death by smashing a picture of the mayor and almost attacking his mother. Mason wrestles him to the floor and asks him what's going on. Tyler says it's the curse of the Lockwoods. Ah, another clue. What mythical creature could possibly have a temper like that? We'll just have to see. ;)

Damon waits for Elena back in her room where he says she has to be lying to herself about her feelings for him. He tries to prove his statement by kissing Elena, she pulls away and says the same thing to Damon as Katherine said to's Stefan, not him. Am I the only one shocked that neither of those girls have fallen for all of that yet?

Jeremy walks in at that moment and Damon grabs him. Damon says he can make him into a vampire and take away all of his pain. Damon cracks Jeremy's neck and walks away. We do see though that Jeremy is wearing his father's protective ring.

The episode ends where we go back to the hospital where Katherine pays Caroline a little visit. She asks Caroline to give the Salvatore brothers a message for her. She smothers Caroline with a pillow and says, "Game on."

The best opening episode for a show I have ever seen in my life! So, many cliff hangers answered and other cliff hangers made! Surpises around every corner that concern love, loss, immortality, and so much more.

Tell me what you thought of this week's episode! What do you think will happen with Elena and Damon? Does Damon still love Katherine? What will Jeremy do in this season: turn into a vampire, find another love, etc? What is Katherine up to? And, what could the Lockwood curse be exactly? Leave me a comment about this episode and check back here every Friday for a Vampire Diaries recap!

Check out next week's episode:

Peace and Fangs,
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Wanted Wedensdays: Vampire Academy 6: Last Sacrifice

I'm doing this post while making spaghetti and sadly having to resort to drinking grape juice (no more orange juice for this week). But, it feels good finally haivng time to do another installment of "Wanted Wedensdays"! Where I give books I'm eagerly waiting to come out and grace the shelves at Borders....because I have a Rewards card there.

This week's Wanted Wedensday popped into my head today when I was skimming the library for a book for a speech I have coming up and saw the Vampire Academy series. Then it came to me...the sixth book will be coming out A DAY before my birthday.

This book is none other than *drum roll*:
The synopsis for the series for my lovely readers who have been shielded from this lovely series:

"Two races of vampires walk our world. The Moroi are alive and wield elemental magical, while the Strigoi are undead and evil--feeding on the innocent to survive. Rose Hathaway--a half-vampire with poor impulse control--is training to be a bodyguard for a Moroi princess. Learning to decapitate and stake is hard enough, but Rose's real danger may lie in an illicit romance with one of her instructors...

This is Richelle's only young adult series. It's received honors from the American Library Association and been on the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists." Source from Richelle Mead's Website

And, the book's synopsis:
"Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them." Source from Goodreads
Now I'm all for the vampire series, but I think this one really stands out from others right now. It is more dark and sinister like the vampire world but gives real life situation like normal teenagers: relationship problems, self-harm, depression, social life, drama, gossip, etc. It's not like a normal vampire series which I like because I don't like series where I think I've read it before. I think everyone should read this AH-mazing series because of not only the amazing action and romance but for a series where you can relate to one or more of the characters in some way.
I have decided I will be giving this book away on my birthday because I want someone to enjoy the 8th along with me...with an AH-azing book. But, you have to get through a Vampire Academy series quiz first! Get ready for that! Everyone have an amazing rest of the week and check back here tomorrow where I will have another installment of Trailer Thursdays over The Mortal Instrument series! (Below is what I will be posting for the upcoming weekend!
Thursday, Sep. 9, 2010:
-Trailer Thursdays: Mortal Instruments series
-True Blood--Season 3, Episode 11: Fresh Blood
Friday, Sep. 10, 2010:
-Vampire Diaries Season 2 Opening Episode
Saturday, Sep. 11,  2010:
-To Kill A Mockingbird Review
-R U 4 Real? Review
Sunday, Sep. 12, 2010:
-Top Books of the Week List (USA Today)
-Need by Carrie Jones Review

Peace and Fangs,
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Book Blog Hop: September 3-6, 2010

Book Blogger Hop has a weekly book blog hop. It's a great way to meet other book blogs and find ones that are to your interest. I found this and loved it to death once I started!

This week's question is:

Do you judge a book by its cover?

My answer: Yes, I do! If a cover does not look interesting or appealing to me, I skim over it. I do judge a book by its cover a lot because it kind of gives me an insight into what the book will be about. Let me give an example. (I do that a lot....)

Star crossed by Mark Schreiber is now my favorite book. When I first looked at it, there were two things that caught my eye. The girl and the title. The girl was different, she was young and pretty but had red marks on her lip and eye, that got me intrigued as to why. Then there was the title, Star crossed immediately set off my Romeo & Juliet sensors. I love romance stories and this one seemed like one to me, I read the synopsis and knew I had to check this out. This was an amazing example of what could happen when judging a book.

This is a book cover gone wrong, okay? So, when I saw this at the library, they were selling it for two bucks! I looked at the cover and saw the cute interracial couple. The guy was holding the girl so obviously she's either scared or lonely. Something like that. He's trying to protect her from whatever it is. In the background is the city, which gives me an idea on where the setting is. So, I bought the book after reading the synopsis and thought it seemed like a pretty good book. Not even 15 pages into the book, I marked this as a "No one should ever read this and if they did, they need to burn it" read. I hated it. It was written as though a sixth grader wrote it. The plot was being sped up too fast. One minute we're in Harlem, or wherever it was (I forget), and next we're at a private school the guy goes to. I was too confused, there was too many grammar/spelling errors, etc. I stopped reading it and to this day, that book is collecting dust on the shelf because I can not give that thing another chance.

So, sometimes judging a book is a good think to do but it can also be a bad thing too. I suggest you do what teachers and librarians have always told you to do, read the first three pages. If it doesn't hook you in by the third page, put it back on the shelf.

What do you think? Do you judge a book by its cover?

P.S. To anyone who visits my blog from the Hop and leaves a comment, I automatically visit your blog and add you to my Book Blog Buddy list.

Peace and Fangs,
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Winner of the 'ILYB' Award Icon Design Contest and Winner of the Eclipse Giveaway

Hi, all! I already got three emails for the deciding vote, which I did include them because I wanted everyone to have a chance. But, anyways, all the three votes decided on one in particular. So, the winner for the new 'ILYB' Award Design Contest is.....*drum roll*

Ashley from Ashley's Bookshelf!

This icon kind of reminded me of Lady Gaga which I loved because I'm a HUGE fan of her. I also love the incorporation of black nails! So, Ashley, please email me with your information! (Thank you again to all the entries!)

And, the winner for the Eclipse book giveaway is...

Please email me Paperback Writer with your information and I'll get the book to you ASAP!

Peace and Fangs,

P.S. My next giveaway will be held in October and after that will be December!
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**UPDATE** of the 'I Love Your Blog' Award Icon Design Contest (That's a mouthful!)

There is a tie between number 2 and number 4 for the entries. (I started cracking up when I was tallying up the votes!) There were two for number one, three for number three, and six for both two and four. I need one more vote, someone who has not already voted! Please send me your vote through I will not publish any comments that are left on this post or the other contest entries because I want the winner to be surprised. Whoever is the first deciding vote will also be entered in the drawing for the Eclipse book. Below are the two competing icons! Choose wisely!

Choice A:
Choice B:
I love Your Blog Award

Peace and Fangs,
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