Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 10: "The Sacrifice"

Thanksgiving has passed and now we are back with a new episode of the Hot and Immortal! I almost forgot about this episode because of the holidays, but I caught it and I am here to fill you in on the new VD gossip!

While sleeping, Elena wakes up to a weird noise and goes to check out the sound. "Sadly", she runs into the shirtless Alaric eating Chunky Monkey from which seemed to be a cozy night with Jenna. The real noise came from Dr. Jonas Martin, Luka's father, who grabbed Elena's hairbrush, jewelry, and picture. I'm guessing he's pulling a Riley!
Damon and Stefan think of ways of how to get the moonstone away from Katherine to take off the "we can't go out in sunlight" curse. Katherine offers her help, but wants to make a deal that they will let her out and she will leave Mystic Falls forever. They don't comply with her.

Bonnie and Luka grow closer over their abilities. Bonnie confesses to Luka that she has trouble with her powers like with nosebleeds and fainting. Luka tells her about "channeling"; they swap their jewelry and create a windstorm together. Just as Luka is leaving, Jeremy magically appears while Bonnie is still holding Luka's dog tags.

At the Salvatore home, Bonnie tells Damon and Stefan she is able to temporarily take down the wall to the tomb. She then takes Katherine's picture and turns it into ask to incapacitate Katherine momentarily. After she does so, Jeremy takes a fistful of it without anyone looking.

Jeremy goes to the tomb alone because he knows how hard it is for Bonnie to do some magic. Jeremy throws the ash into Katherine's face. He goes into the tomb to grab the moonstone, but is stopped short when Katherine regains consciousness. He throws the moonstone outside of the tomb just in time for Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie to arrive. Luckily, I think, Jeremy has one of the special rings, so he could be drained by Katherine many times and never die. But, Katherine says the only way she will let Jeremy go is if they let her go.

Elena takes Rose with her to Slater's. Once they arrive, they find out that Slater is dead and they try to get help from his girlfriend, Alice. Elena asks Alice to send Cody, one of Slater's acquaintances, an E-mail saying that "the doppelganger is going to surrender". Rose sees that Elena is going to sacrifice herself and calls Damon for back up. He tries to get her to leave, but she refuses.

We go back to Jonas, who we see, wanted Elena's belongings to do magic on for Elijah. Elena sees Elijah in the reflection of the window for a split second because of a weird sort of "GPS magic" thingy. Elijah then enters Slater's apartment and Rose disappears. Once Elijah sees Elena is still alive, he leaves as well.

Back at the tomb, Bonnie tries to break down the wall of the tomb using both her's and a very confused Luka's powers but can not and causes them both to collapse. Katherine threatens to drink from Jeremy again if they don't get her out, but Stefan jumps into the tomb and pushes Jeremy out of the way causing him to be stuck in the tomb with Katherine.

Jonas helps Luka to bed after he collapses and goes to Elijah who says he spared Damon. He says he knows Damon will keep Elena safe, which is exactly what he wants until they need her. For the first time, Jonas doesn't seem too keen on the plan.

Bonnie and Jeremy go back to his house where they are both mad at each other for what happened. Jeremy tries to make Bonnie come to terms with her feelings for him, but she won't. He tries to then kiss her but she turns her head away and leaves. Damon brings Elena home where she learns about what happened to Stefan. She races to the tomb where Damon tells her to leave and he will think of a way to get him out. Once she leaves, Stefan steps out from the depths of the tomb and asks Damon to keep Elena away from the tomb.

During the whole episode, we see Caroline and Tyler figure out how badly the Change is by watching Mason's Change and reading his journal which chronicled everything. Caroline and Tyler bond over how horrible they felt when they hurt people and so forth. The doorbell ring and Matt says that he was driving home from work and ended up there. Um, am I the only one squeeing? The short romance ends when Tyler steps out on the porch with the two of them and making Matt think that Caroline and Tyler are together.

Check out next week's episode:

That better not be what I think it is, Stefan! Guess we'll have to tune in next week!

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