Vampire Diaries--Season 2, Episode 21: "The Sun Also Rises"

Matt shoots Tyler while he is attacking him and Caroline as a werewolf. Tyler is wounded and Caroline gets out of the cage to check on him.

Katherine tells Damon that Jenna’s transformation is a sure thing and there’s nothing to do about it.

Jenna tells Elena that a vampire grabbed her when she got out of the house and she doesn’t remember anything or where they are, in a Circle. Jenna finally finds out that she was bitten, killed, and is now a vampire. Greta offers her blood to Jenna and Jenna quickly drinks her blood.

Jeremy and Bonnie are still hidden and trying to find a way to keep from Elena becoming a vampire.

Elijah reveals how Elena can survive the sacrifice to Stefan and Alaric.

Jenna tells Elena how it feels for her to be a vampire. Her senses growing stronger and her not wanting to feel anything. Greta brings Jules to the Circle.

Caroline and Matt make it back to her house and Matt tells her he was on vervain when she compelled him and her mother always hated vampires.

Damon tells John that Elena is with Klaus and the sacrifice is beginning. John tells Damon that he ruined Elena’s life.

At the Circle, Jules tries to attack Klaus, but is killed by him when he rips out her heart.

Jeremy finds Emily’s history and mentions that his ancestor, John, was in her life. Bonnie jokes that she had a thing for him.

Alaric tells Jeremy that Jenna was turned and Bonnie is told by Elijah and Stefan. Stefan tells Bonnie that he’ll put himself as a sacrifice in place of Jenna because Klaus would want him more.

Jenna tells Elena that she couldn’t believe she almost gave up being Elena’s and Jeremy’s guardian. Elena tells Jenna that being a vampire has made her faster and stronger. She also tells her that when she gets the chance…run.

Caroline and Matt find Tyler on her front porch where Tyler seems confused to see Caroline. Is it just me or is Matt grinding anyone else’s gears?

Elijah tells Stefan that he is very honorable. Stefan asks Elijah if he is honorable because it seems suspicious that he is going up against his own brother. Elijah tells Stefan that he had more family, but Klaus killed them all. Elijah then tells Stefan that there is sometimes honor in revenge and he will not fail him.

Elena tells Jenna to focus on what Stefan and Klaus are saying when Stefan arrives. Jenna tells Elena that Stefan will take her place.

Matt tells Caroline he doesn’t know if he can get past her being a vampire. Matt tells her that he has a sucky life, but he wants to live a normal one and not a paranormal one.

Bonnie casts a spell on Jeremy when they kiss to knock him out to keep him from leaving and keeping Alaric and John in the house as well to keep them safe.

Klaus attacks Stefan to keep him silent. Jenna attacks Greta and Klaus stakes her. Elena tells her to turn off her emotions so she won’t be scared anymore. Klaus stakes Jenna in the heart, killing her.

Greta pours blood, I’m thinking its Jenna’s, into a pot. Stefan apologizes to Elena, but she quickly shushes him. Klaus tells Elena it’s time. Klaus thanks Elena, but she quickly snaps a “Go to hell” at him. Klaus bites her and starts to suck her blood, where she willingly lets him. Elena drops to the ground as Klaus is done and Klaus starts his transformation under the full moon. Bonnie walks in and starts her casting while Damon snaps Greta’s neck. Klaus sees Bonnie is not dead as she tortures him. Damon takes Elena and Stefan tells him he is not leaving until he knows Klaus is dead. Bonnie stops and Elijah walks up to Klaus. Klaus tells Elijah that their family is safe and Elijah is reluctant to kill him. Elijah apologizes to Stefan and Bonnie and takes Klaus.

John hands Jeremy things to give to Elena and tells him that they need to take care of each other. Damon brings Elena to the house and Damon whispers to her that he can’t stand her hating him for eternity. Alaric asks about Jenna; Damon apologizes to Jeremy about it. Elena wakes up unscathed as John leaves the house and falls to the ground.

Tyler awakes in Caroline’s house and discovers he was shot. Tyler tells Caroline that she was right and he never should have come back. Caroline tells him that he shouldn’t leave again and that Matt had broken up with her. Tyler thanks her for taking care of him.

They get ready for John’s funeral and Jeremy hands Elena what John wanted to give to her, his ring and a letter. Elena apologizes to Jeremy for losing so many people. He counters that he still has her and they hug.

In John’s letter, he apologizes for failing her. He says that it’s the end for him, but the beginning for her. They go to the cemetery and you hear John asking her to not forgive this, but forget it. He tells her that he will always love her as a vampire or a human.

Damon shows Stefan his wolf bite. Stefan says he will find a cure for Damon. Damon tells Stefan to keep this from Elena because she doesn’t need any more grieving.

Tell me what you think! What do you think will happen in the season finale?

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