Super Song Sundays: Demi Lovato

Hey everyone! I'm back and finally starting my new feature, Super Song Sundays.
Today's feature is about my favorite singer, Demi Lovato.
More specifically, her newish album, Unbroken.
Everyone knows that Demi took a break there for a while and I almost started to forget her. But right when I heard this came out I bought it and immediately fell in love with it. The different styles of music pull together to create and awesome variety of songs.

Songs 1-4: All Night Long, Who's That Boy, You're My Only Shorty, and Together are the first four songs on the album. They are pretty much just dancing songs featuring artists Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Dev, Iyaz, and Jason Derulo. There's not a whole lot of "meaning" in the songs but they are fun to dance to.

Songs 5-14: These songs include Lightweight, Unbroken, Fix a Heart, Hold Up, Mistake, Give Your Heart a Break, Skyscraper, In Real Life, My Love is Like a Star, and For the Love of a Daughter (my personal favorite). These songs are from breakups to her more serious problems and almost all have meaning. That's what I love about this album is that everything is so serious and real to her and every song seems sincere.

My favorite song on the album- if not favorite song period- is definitely For the Love of a Daughter. I obviously don't know everything about it but it's about her dad, who she hasn't seen in a long time. It's a nice change from all the same basic songs that are out there on the radio today and it makes me think.

My least favorite would probably have to be any one of the "1-4" dance songs. Not that I don't like fun up-beat music or anything, it's just that it doesn't sound like her. It sounds like they put her voice into someone else's songs and so that's why I don't like them as much. But they definitely are fun to dance to at a party.

Overall? I love this album! Demi's music from before was nice, but it seemed to... I don't know, maybe it was too Disney. I liked it, I just didn't ever love it. Now that she's back with some meaningful, emotional, and beautifully written songs, she's now my favorite artist by far. If you don't have this album, I recommend going out and buying it because it's worth every cent.

Sweet Daydreams,
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