Review: Healer's Destiny by Julee F. Page

Title: Healer's Destiny
Author: Julee F. Page
Series: N/A
Format: ebook
Release Date: April 21, 2011
Genre(s): YA, fantasy
Rating: *Insert One Nail Polish Bottle* (my computer is being stupid)


A war is waged on humanity when the kingdom of Kavorin realizes only male heirs are being born. The curse can only be broken by a young girl brought up in secret. Her heritage protects her from human magic, but in order to break the curse she must leave everything she holds dear and face the most powerful man in the kingdom.
The daughter of a gifted blacksmith and student to the great magician Gethin, Eliana finds her world turned upside down as she leaves her home to fulfill her destiny. Trolls, heartless bandits, and dragons are only a few of the dangers Eliana will face on her journey. What she doesn’t expect to find is an angry god behind the chaos her world has been suffering from for so many years.


Plot: So the beginning is really confusing. For the first couple chapters everything is from a different persons point of view and its in a different time. This alone made the book really hard for me to get into because I was constantly confused as to what was going on. It's after a long long time that you actually know who Eliana is! And even then its not really her point of view, its sort of everyone's. The whole plot is really confusing and really hard for me to get into.
Character(s): Eliana - I feel like her character wasn't very developed. One minute she's this strong independant woman, the next she's crying and pouting over silly things. At first she doesn't need anyone than she's relying on the boys to do everything. Honestly I didn't really care about her.
Cover: The cover is probably my favorite part. It's what got me excited in the first place. I love the big dress and the whole theme of the cover. So pretty!
Closing Thoughts: What the author does is she'll just put massive chunks of detail and some of it isn't even important! The way she writes is very annoying to me. I feel mean reviewing this particualr book but at the same time, I couldn't even get through it! It was so annoying I stopped and couldn't continue. I didn't even finish! It's really long as well and just not very interesting. One thing she did do well is that I could tell she really thought out her story. I could tell she had this whole world all laid out, she just put the information in all the wrong places. Why do I need to know the history of the bad guy when we don't even know who he is yet? Why does it matter so much about the mom whose already dead? Maybe if I finished it would have made more sense but it felt like she dwelt so miuch on the little details that the big picture slipped away.

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